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School Change On The View Of Institutional Analysis

Posted on:2008-10-02Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360215971577Subject:Principles of Education
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Educational reform must be executed through school change to complete its reform aim, especially through teachers'teaching and students'studying. The future focus of our country's educational reform will be centered on the change of middle school and primary school. So, the target of this research is to discuss the public school change in obligation education period. Moreover, as the living and progress base of school and as the leading and regulating force, school institutions must have great influence on the affairs of school instruction and school change. The research about school change, with school institutions as the research instrument, is to probe the influence of social regulations on school change and progress, and to analyze the function of school inner behavior regulations on the affairs of school change, so that we can deeply comprehend school change and make efforts at promoting school's deep change with institutions renewing. The dissertation adapts theory study method and survey study method.The reason of school change is not to show off, but to implement educational ideal, which demands great courage with possible risk and unknown future. So, school's man should make clear its situation such as why, what or how to change before its change. No matter to analyze the reason of change, determine the content of change, or to probe the channel of change, we can find institutions in all of them. The social transformation, originating from the social institutional transition, is the native factor that results in school change. The drawbacks in the present educational system suppress children's develop. Initiative school change needs the protect of institutions which can ensure the rights and obligations of government and school, also can construct the school change atmosphere and lead change acts.The comprehension of institutions cannot be only on the technique layer and the thought that regards institutions just as rules regulating behavior is wrong. Generally speaking, institutions have two classifications, formal and informal. Formal institutions can be determined definitely in writing, while informal institutions action in the following forms as customs, accepted practices, conventions and ideology. The process of institutions development basically follow such a route, growing from personal habits to the masses'practices, from habits to conventions, from informal rules to formal rules. Formal institutions must be planted in informal ones, which means that formal institutions must have enough social identification so that it can play its action. So, the research about institutions comprises not only obvious and formal institution, but also indistinct and informal one. The institutional environment in this dissertation contains social basic systems such as political and economic system, cultural and educational system but also social educational concept. The school inner institution comprises formal regulations and informal institution.No matter formal institutions or informal ones, their focal point is to lead and regulate people's behavior. Such a characteristic of institutions makes them as pioneers of organization and society improvement because institutional change means that behavior change, and behavior change will lead to organizational change and social change. Therefore, school change can begin with school institutional innovation. The nurture of fine institutional environment and the immediate influence of inner institution can produce great effect on the change of school people's behavior and the transform of the whole school atmosphere.In more than twenty yeas'school change, great change has been taking place in the school institutions environment and arrangement. The legal and civilization level of our society has been enhanced. People's idea of democracy, legality and self consciousness is being strengthen. School leader lays more stress on institutions construction and administrates school with institutions. The more than twenty years'institutions transition is a big strength to school change. The transition of institutions environment improves the transformation of school change channel. The construction of school inner institutions promotes the whole school culture. But school institutions still exists many problem and these problem has been block on the way to school deep change. How to reform and innovate school institutions is an urgent task. But we should pay attention to what is institutional innovation. Institutional innovation is not to design and arrange several new rules. It involves the change of interest structure, the change of people's concept as their belief and people's habit as their thinking and doing pattern. What we should remind is that institution is not easy thing.The theses assailing educational system defects and criticizing institutional education are common. But no matter school or society, its situation without institution or de-institution is far worse. We must acknowledge that no matter educational reform or school change should promote under the institutions. What we should do now is that clean away the institutional block, create a favorable institutional environment for school change, and push school change forward through inner institutional innovation.
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