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The Theory And Method Of Vocational Competency Development Management

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To establish the vocational qualification system in the Sports industry aims at improving the national sports service quality and enhancing the market competitive ability. It is also the direct and most efficient way to collaborate the international society. This research is based on the general social investigation methods and strategies, including secondary research, expert interview and questionnaire investigation, logical analysis and case study. The results of this research can be concluded as the followings:1.The sports occupation has the 5 characteristics: society, intention, criterion, stability and multitude. All kinds of sports occupation have their own identification in the"Occupation classification dictionary of the People's Republic of China". The sports vocational multitude could reach the requirement and characteristics of living resource, Labor characters, labor contents and social roles. So it is possible to do the research on sports vocational multitude.2.The Sports Vocational Competency Development is the important part of Sports Human Resources Development. It belongs to the branch system of the main system of National Vocational Competency Development. It includes: Sports vocational classification system, Sports vocational competency standard system (rules and regulation system are included), Sports vocational training system, Sports vocational skills authentication system, Sports vocational qualification certification system, Organization management system of Sports vocational development. The development and management of Sports vocational competency is the dynamic management process of Sports vocational competency, is the process of rational development and utilization on sports labor resource, and also the process of branch system development of sports vocational competency.3.The standard of the rules and regulations on sports vocational competency development consists of various policies, regulations and these became a dependent, relative, restricted system. The regulations include: law, regulation, management rules, the standards of sport occupation classification and sports vocational competency, sports vocational competency authentication, the criterion of sports vocational skills qualification. To establish the unified and normative sports vocational standard is the most important task for the sports administrations.4.The administration organization of the sports vocational competency development is one of the organization chart of the sports competency development. It consists of administration organization and technical organization. According to the longitudinal administration and technical business management, it has responsibility and function structure of duality module characteristics. According to the transverse responsibility and scale, it could be definite as the triangle module, which is the responsibility of integrated management of sports competency development, the responsibility of supervision, coordination and technical management, the responsibility of implementation the detailed technical business.5.The sports vocational competency authentication is implemented by State Sports General Administration. It is based on the standard of national sports vocational competency launched by the government. The examination of it is one of the format of national vocational qualification examination, is according to the professional technical knowledge of sports labor and practice operation level. The core management format of sports vocational competency authentication is social management. The sports vocational competency authentication provide the basic access evidence in sports industry and business for national vocational qualification system.6.Sports vocational qualification certificate can be divided into 2 kinds according to the certificate and occupation: sports occupation qualification and sports transaction qualification. It can be divided into sports professional level certificate and sports competency certificate according to the certificates. The sports industry should be incorporated with national Labor system reform and the requirement of social development. We need to strengthen the sports business transaction system in the sports administration organizations, try to perfect the technical title engagement system. We will explore the new module of transaction qualification as the access certificate and title engagement as the technical competency in some mature titles (e.g. coaches) and some large scale demand occupation (e.g. social guidance in body mechanics). We will accelerate the promotion and implementation of Sports vocational qualification certificate according to the restrict requirement.7.The management module of Sports vocational qualification certificate mainly includes: organizing the implementation, policy and regulation, quality insurance and supervision inspection. The management should be incorporated with the administration and technical management, strengthen the responsibility of government and industry authorities. The rules and regulations of State Sports General Administration will provide the policy guarantee. We should establish the license system, qualification authentication system with the criterion and standard management, and should try to explore the possibilities of establishing market law-executive team in order to promote the sports market criterion, and health development.8.In order to implement the sports vocational qualification certificate, we need to strengthen the publicizing, and network's function, so as to the public could get the information from the convenient way. We should guarantee the training and examine quality, improve the quality of the certificate, try to set up the qualified standard according to the market demand, requirements and sports development. Each sports item association and organization should self-discipline the behavior of its administrators in pushing the certificate system implementation. We should explore the system in combining the sports player technical certificate and occupation certificate, so that the sport players will prepare the vocational competency in advance, and enhance the market competitive ability.
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