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Comprehensive Evolution Laws Of Sports Items And The Teaching Principles Of Physical Education

Posted on:2007-09-05Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:J K LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360218962807Subject:Physical Education and Training
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The methods of documents comprehensive narrative, interview and researching, teaching experiments are adopted to study the evolution laws of sports items system and physical education teaching principles, regarding sports items as a carrier of the sports social form, and school as a base of sports items spread. Sports item is a socialized cultural system with an attribute of"self-expression", whose macroscopic system of evolution course is the result of initiative change and values purified between the mutual use of soft and hard construction, accumulation and partial up-grade of systematic invention and creation in essence, and whose microscopic system is a self-organization and self-creation ignited by the key pattern keeping far from balance, essentially is systematic leaping evolution from simplicity to complexity, from lower order to higher order, from lower stability to higher stability by the un-lineal mutual function between the out and inner environment and every factor inside it. Game theory is adopted to analyze the values of sports items'systematic evolution, pointing out the double function between biology and society of human values, and making an analysis for values"escape"possibly produced in the evolution course.The problems of high social adaptation of systematic evolution are analyzed here, and cultural accumulation of systematic evolution of sports items is summarized, namely the principles of science and harmony derived from evolution, and the principles of"instinctive interesting factors". Contacting the evolution values with the principles of school's physical education is of great realistic importance for coping with the problems of current physical educational reform.On the basis of studying comprehensive evolution laws of sports items, evolutional values, the principle of science and harmony and instinctive interesting factors are embraced in the teaching principles of physical education, and the hobby-emotional experience-habit forming-lifelong sports conception and the principles of chain circulation; the principles of instinctive interesting enhanced role; the principles of non-instinctive move norms'enhanced role; the principles of mutual relations between practice and strengthening; the principles of a combination of natural pursuit and technological ration; the principles of proper difficulty and load of practice and the above principles are analyzed and studied on the basis of educational experiments and evidences.Taking the current realistic problems school sports facing into account, this article analyzes the causes in detail, proposing a new view that"sports items materialize"should be coped with by creating a new technological ration, and holding an example of basketball's educational reforms to analyze experimental study, founding a new educational system of basketball technology on the basis of comprehensive evolution laws, which is proved well by educational experiments and can be widely spread.
Keywords/Search Tags:sports item system, broad sense evolution law, sports teaching principles, value concept, basketball sport
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