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Study On The Operating Mechanism And Problems Of Chinese University Alliance

Posted on:2021-02-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2427330611989390Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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Facing the trend that the higher education is changing from scale up to quality improvement all over the world,university alliances have become an effective way for universities to improve their comprehensive strength,and have become an important form of in-depth cooperation between universities in China recently.Forming an alliance of universities makes it possible to break the boundaries and barriers between universities,and to build a first class university alliances in the way of co-building and sharing of resources.Eventually,the risks are shared,the cooperation is win-win,and the development is substantial.As the alliance of universities started late in China,it still faces many problems,such as lack of attention of university alliance,backward management methods,and a simple form of cooperation.Although the number of university alliance has risen rapidly,the quality of development is not entirely satisfactory.In response to this problem,this study firstly analyzed the research results of domestic and foreign literature about university alliances,and obtained the reasons for the establishment of university alliances and related theoretical foundations.It pointed out that the current research has the following problems: the definition of college alliances is not yet unified;Research is not deep enough,it is mostly limited to the description of the alliance 's purpose of establishment,model classification,development process,operating characteristics,and actual functions.It rarely involves the core issues of how universities establish cooperation to improve talent training and scientific researchlevel under the alliance situation;Research is mainly based on experience,and a complete theoretical system has not yet been formed;the research gap between domestic and foreign university alliances is obvious.On this basis,this study selected Go8,C9 and Chang'an Alliance as typical cases to analyze the development process,operation management methods and achievements.To summarize its management mode and experience in operation and development,and draw the differences in the development of the alliances through comparative research.Finally,taking the experience gained from the analysis as an entry point,the following general recommendations are put forward to promote the rapid development of China's university alliances: first,improving the alliance's dynamic mechanism and establishing a clear strategic goal;second,optimizing the alliance's organizational structure and improve the alliance's cooperation mechanism;Third,Improving the alliance guarantee system and promoting the deep development of the alliance;Fourth,seeking government policy support and strengthening external contacts.This paper summarizes and raises the problems and experiences encountered in the development of China 's university alliances to a theoretical level,and puts forward specific opinions and suggestions in a targeted manner,hoping to provide some guidance for the development of China's university alliances and contributes to the collaborative innovation research of the alliance of universities,enhances the comprehensive competitiveness of China's universities,and makes China move from a big education country to a strong education country,and contributes to the construction of China's world-class universities and world-class disciplines.
Keywords/Search Tags:Alliance of Universities, Operating Mechanism, China 9(C9), Chang'an Alliance, Group of Eight(Go8)
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