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On Women And Gender Difference In The Participation Of Social Sports In China

Posted on:2008-06-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360275463283Subject:Humanities and sociology
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Gender harmony in the participation of social sports should be the basic meaning of harmonious sports and harmonious society.To describe and explain gender harmony and gender equality from the angle of gender can not only expose the gender situation in the development of social sports but also base this research on the reality and requirements of women's social sports.Meanwhile,it has theoretical and practical significance not only to the sustainable development of sports but also to the establishment of the theories of both gender equality and socialist harmony in China.The author finishes this dissertation after looking up enormous bibliographies,interviewing many experts,distributing questionnaires and collecting statistics.The outcomes of the research are as follows:â… .Gender equality reflected in the participation of social sports should be based on the full understanding and proper respect of gender difference,the core being the equality of rights and opportunities of participation.The choices of participating in social sports should be free.But for such freedom,equality is meaningless.â…¡.Gender inequality and gender differences are the results of various social factors such as the policies and management systems of social sports,mainstream gender culture in the society and differences in the education and social status of male and female in the society.â…¢.Gender difference reflected in the participation of social sports in traditional China is an overt gender inequality of male superiority.The development of women's participation in social sports has been hindered by national or social deprivation and infringement of women's rights and opportunities in the participation of social sports. Therefore women's participation in social sports at that period is overtly marginal. â…£.In the society of planned economy,the participation of both genders in social sports has been superficially and abnormally equal which is imposed by the nation's administrative power.This kind of equality is caused by external forces,not spontaneous,so it is actually a gender inequality which ignores the individual and physical differences of male and female.â…¤.In the society of social transformation,male and female can not enjoy equal benefits from social advances and development of sports owing to the gender difference reflected by the participation in social sports. This kind of inequality is hidden in the superficially scientific and friendly forms.As a result of the covert causes and displays,the gender inequality reflected in the participation in social sports is also a covert one.â…¥.The establishment of gender equality in social sports is an extended,complicated and systematic project,of which the combination of both internal and external changes is the top priority among every means.In order to achieve gender equality in both the fields of economy and education,macro control of the government should be fully exerted, positive forces in the society should be exerted,and women's activeness should be encouraged.Besides,gender awareness should be embodied into the mainstream of sports decision and sports development to advance gender culture and mainstream gender in sports field.
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