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Cross-cultural Conflict Management Of Enterprise

Posted on:2009-09-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1119360245980002Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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On the background of global economy, a large number of enterprises already have been taken part in the world devided work systems, and the strategy of it have been changed from domestic market to global market. Therefore, every enterprise should join the world competition for the survival and development when every county's economy, technology, and culture blending together. That's to say, it's necessary and inevitable to exploit the international markets. In the international process of enterprises, culture conflict which receives special attention is becoming a key variable to the enterprises' strategies decision-making and common management. Thereby, the research on the cross-cultural conflict management has been an important problem for academe and practice.There are many ways of international business for enterprises, and international contracted engineering is one kind of ways for international business. However, the enterprises face many problems when they joined the global markets rapidly. Especially, it is the culture factor that increase inner and external conflicts of enterprises, even influence the enterprises' international development strategies.The main object of this dissertation focuses on the cross-cultural conflict. Based on the research of basic theory and method of cross-cultural management, conflict management, the dissertation employs the theories of corporate culture, organizational behavior, human resource management, and sociology. In addition, the dissertation combines theory analysis and case analysis, qualitative method and quantitative method. Moreover, the dissertation makes a systemic analysis on the issue of the mechanism of cross-cultural conflict for the stated-owned enterprises of the international contracted engineering, and theory analytical framework of cultural conflict analysis and management would be constructed.Therefore, the dissertation mainly has deep research on the following four issues. Firstly, explore the key reasons of the forming of enterprise's inner conflicts during the economic system reforming process of state-owned enterprises, which is now promoting international strategies. Secondly, the dissertation would analyze the influence on the implement of enterprise project from three levels which is the difference of macro-environment, the conflict between enterprise and outer profit relatives, and multi-cultural background. Thirdly, fuzzy comprehensive evolution model would be used to evaluate the inner and external conflicts of the state-owned enterprise of international contracted engineering. Lastly, the effective measures of management of enterprise's conflicts would be put forward on the base of qualitative method and quantitative analysis.With that the dissertation is developed based on solution to four basic theoretical and practical problems, the dissertation would be divided into eight chapters, and the main contents are as follows:Chapter I is Introduction, which to explain the background of this significance at home and abroad, as well as the status of the objectives, methods, technical lines and content.Chapter II is the basic theoretical research of cross-cultural conflict management. These mainly include: corporate culture theory, cross-cultural management theory, conflict management theory.Chapter III mainly focus on qualitative analysis on the diagnosis of the inner conflict in the state-owned enterprise of international contracted engineering.Chapter IV mainly analyzes external reason of the conflicts in the state-owned enterprises of international contracted engineering.Based on the former two chapters theory and analysis, Chapter V puts forward a mathematic model, employ multi-level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model to evaluate the degree of state-owned enterprise's conflict of international contracted engineering, further identify the key factors to the development of conflict.Furthermore, Chapter VI provides effective measures from practical level for the cross-cultural conflict management of state-owned enterprises of international contracted enterprises.Chapter VII presents a case analysis on an international contracted engineering of state-owned enterprises (CBMI)Chapter VIII is the conclusion and outlook of the whole dissertation.There are several respects of results in the research. Firstly, the whole work is focus on the cultural difference analyzing, and forms a theory analytical framework of cultural conflict analysis and management for state-owned enterprise of international contracted engineering. Secondly, based on the qualitative analysis and diagnosis, combined multi-level fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model, the research reveals the key factors to the development of conflict and the degree of conflict. Thirdly, with the practical status quo and research, the dissertation put forward the effective analysis framework of cross-cultural conflict management.
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