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A Study On The Cross-culture Management Of Non-state-owned Enterprises In Transnational Management

Posted on:2018-03-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2359330542457018Subject:Business administration
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With the development of economy,more and more non-state owned enterprises to start its international journey.However,in their transnational business process,they always encounter a lot of difficulties.Among them,cultural conflicts,as the result of the cultural difference,is undoubtedly the biggest obstacle to non-state-owned enterprises in transnational business.Cultural conflict is not only affects the unity and cooperation of the internal staff,but also affects the normal operation of enterprise management model,and even can affects the long-term business development plan.Only by the way of cross-cultural management can minimize the negative role of cultural conflict.Our study is written by this context.Compared with state-owned enterprises,non-state-owned enterprises have many special properties,it means it is very necessary to distinguish the difference between them,including their development motivation,current situation,difficulties,strengths and weaknesses,etc.,which constitute the basis of our research.This article is in this context to start.The special nature of private enterprises makes it necessary to distinguish them from state-owned enterprises in their research,including their development motivation,current situation,problems,strengths and weaknesses,etc.,whichconstitute the basis of our research.In addition,in order to build the framework of the cultural dimension,we also analyzed the impact of cross-border private enterprises by cultural differences,.Afterwards,we use a outstanding private multinational companies in China-HUAWEI as a case to analyze,the purpose is through experience of cross-border operations and cross-border investment in HUAWEI can give a more efficient way to help another international non-state-owned companies,transnational business,especially in Cross-cultural management.
Keywords/Search Tags:International non-state-owned enterprise, cross-cultural management, cultural dimension, case analysis
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