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The Research Of Harmonious Labor Relationship Management Of Enterprises Based On Cross-cultural Conflicts

Posted on:2015-10-18Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C L DingFull Text:PDF
GTID:2309330422489029Subject:Business management
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International business operation has become an irreversible trend of the currenttimes, and multinational enterprises are important form of enterprises to realizeinternational operations. Through establishing multinational companies in a foreigncountry, enterprises can achieve full integration of human, capital, markets and otherresources, greatly improving enterprises’ competitiveness in international markets.However, multinational companies faced different political, economic and culturalenvironment from what of the domestic, it is inevitable to cause cultural conflictbecause of values, beliefs, habits and other differences, resulting in labor relationsstrained or even rupture. For enterprises, stable and harmonious labor relations is thefoundation of enterprises’ healthy development, it can have a significant impact onbusiness success. So, how to manage employees with different cultural backgroundsand overcome cultural differences and build a harmonious and stable labor relations,realizing effective management, are important practical problems multinationals haveto solve.Based on these, according to existing theories, this paper used literature research,systems analysis and other methods, conducted a study of harmonious labor relationsmanagement of cross-cultural, trying to explore a culture path for harmonious laborrelations management. Firstly, the paper introduces the background and significance ofthis research, had a overview of research’s status and development at home andabroad, also described the research ideas, methods and possible innovations.Secondly, based on sorting and redefining the relevant concepts of cross-culturalconflict and harmonious labor relations, this paper analysed cross-cultural impact onlabor relations from two levels of the national culture and corporate culture, alsoanalysed and described the performance of cross-cultural conflict performance and formation mechanism of the conflicts. Once again, built a cross-cultural evaluationmodel of labor relations based on cross-cultural perspective and used cases forempirical analysis. Finally, built a AFM-based cross-cultural labor relationsmanagement model, proposed a number of basic strategies of cross-cultural laborrelations management. Also, provided some protection conditions from theperspectives of organization, system, personnel, hoped to provide some reference andguidance for other companies intercultural labor relations management practices.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cultural difference, Cross-cultural conflict, harmonious laborrelations, AFM model
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