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A Study On Outsourcing-Network In Perspective Of Business Model

Posted on:2008-05-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1119360272488734Subject:Business management
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Following the economical globalization tendency and the information technology development, resources outsourcing network become a realistic choice for many enterprises. As enterprise's strategic method, outsourcing has also been attached unprecedented importance to the theoretical circle. However, outsourcing-network evolution appears some major problems, such as how to construct outsourcing network, harmonize outsourcing relates, coordinates all participators benefit conflict and the dispute in outsourcing, and these problems have not always been solved effectively in the practice. Thus this article uses for reference the business model theory and its newest research results to analysis the outsourcing, the goal lies in for the enterprises' outsourcing which in the practice involves a package of question to provide the new analysis angle of view and the solution.This article first proposed the research background, in succession, summarized the business model and the outsourcing-network research developing process and the actuality in detail, and has analyzed the main question and the insufficiency about business model and the outsourcing-network in current research.Firstly, this article reviews the background, gives a detailed exposition of business models and network resources outsourcing research and development process and the status quo, and the business model of outsourcing network research and resources are the main problems and shortcomings. Then, the author of innovation in business model based on the theory of network resources outsourcing business model (OBM), and creative business model to the 3V model to analyze the value of outsourcing network resources, this network design resources outsourcing business model innovation framework, and its internal structure to a brief analysis.After that, on the basis of business model innovation rationale, the author proposed outsourcing-network business model(OBM), and creatively analyzed outsourcing-network by the business model 3V value model, to design outsourcing-network business model innovation frame, and has carried on the brief analysis to its internal strucrure.The foundation of outsourcing-network business model is its value network . OBM value network constructing is transformation from the traditional value chain of outsourcing to the open value network of outsourcing-network business model. By the transaction expense theory and the game theory, this article analysed all participators value creation and value assignment, and took the value group as the module to design OBM value network.After the OBM value network establishment, we need the value sustentation, namely embed in the enterprise operation to guarantee outsourcing-network business model stability and consolidation. Because of risk and uncertainty, implementation of OBM possibly appears business model system lock-in, in fact, internalization of the business model is the process that the system lock-in was solved.Inevitably, outsourcing-network operation can appear participators' benefit dispute and conflict, thus, outsourcing-network need governance. This article mainly proposed contract governance and relational governance. The value maintenance goal was achieved through them.Finally, by the airport profession, the author systematizationaly analysed the present outsourcing in airport, emphatically in Chongqing Airport, including construction of outsourcing-network business model value network, internalization of OBM as well as the outsourcing-network governance, to validate the outsourcing-network business model theory.
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