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Research On The Technology Learning And Development Of Technological Capability Of Manufacturing Enterprises

Posted on:2013-02-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:G X ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:1119330362461020Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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Since 1980s, manufacturing alliances has been a new trend for international companies to integrate resources in the world. However, for the native enterprises in developing countries, GVC division system led by participation into international brand enterprises through OEM/ODM has also been a key way entering into international market. Of the manufacturing alliances, objectively, brand clients should transfer necessary knowledge of production, technology and management to manufacturing enterprises, and to meet the needs of product quality, prices and timely delivery. In order to improve the ability, it is also necessary for manufacturing enterprises to accept the guidance of production technology, product design, quality control, logistics management of international companies. Therefore, the guidance of brand clients and learning of manufacturing enterprises is an interaction that objectively exists in the process of manufacturing alliances. Cooperation for learning, and learning for improving technological capability of manufacturing alliances, it creates more products of good quality, cooperation and further learning, and forms an effective circle based on subcontracting.In this paper, I discuss how to use the platform of subcontracting to learn the technology knowledge of brand clients to achieve the promotion of own technological capability from the perspective of manufacturing alliances. First, on the basis of document's research, I propose the learning framework based on manufacturing alliances and analyze the necessity and effectiveness of manufacturing alliances and knowledge transfer and the drive, platform and mechanism of learning. I also propose the normal path of development of latecomer enterprise's technological capability based on manufacturing alliances and make an analysis on the characteristics in all the stages of development of technological capability. I analyze the process of internal and external learning, the relations between learning and capability development, and the factors affecting technology learning and capability development. Second, through the tests of above theories, and empirical investigation data, I determine the key affecting factors of technology learning and capability development, and testify the data support of related theory hypothesis by using factor analysis, correlation analysis and structural equation modeling. Finally, I propose the suggestion and further research prospect for technology learning and technological capability of latecomer's enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:Manufacturing alliances, Organization learning, Technology learning, Technological capability, Structural equation modeling
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