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Study On The Quality Of Undergraduate Education For The Construction Of Innovative Country

Posted on:2013-10-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1227330467990545Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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With the advent of knowledge economy, the creation, dissemination and application of knowledge has become the single most important source of economic growth. To improve economic strength and competitiveness through improving higher education has become the set national policies of many countries. The current curriculum of China’s universities leans excessively towards the teaching of conventional knowledge but lacks in the nutrition of creative thinking and practical skills on the part of the students, leading to the mismatch between the requirements of the development of the country and the job market and the need of the students’ personal development. Therefore, it is a pressing issue to improve the effectiveness of China’s undergraduate education, which bears much significance in the development of the teaching pattern of the undergraduate education.This thesis is put forward based on the skills needed for the undergraduate students to build an innovative nation. First, it sets out clearly the philosophy and ideas underpinning the quality control system of China’s undergraduate education. Guided by that principle, it further proposes remedial measures for the existing problems in China’s creative education project and the current credit system in today’s higher education.This thesis centers on the quality of China’s undergraduate education, focusing on studies of the following7aspects:Starting with literature in the study of management and education, this paper summarizes and evaluates literature regarding the fundamental concept of education quality, students needed for building an innovative nation and quality insurance system for undergraduate students, on the basis of which it analyses its problems and points to the direction in which the research carries on.Given that the research on undergraduate quality has been mostly concerned with the improvement and reform of the universities themselves, whereas to build an innovative nation goes far beyond improving undergraduate education quality and involves the need of a number of stakeholders, this paper, based on the principle of systematic study, taking into account of the need of the stakeholders concerned, seeks to construct a research framework for the quality management of an undergraduate education as required by an innovative nation.This paper analyses the philosophy of the quality management for undergraduate education, for building an innovative nation from the perspectives of the state, the society at large, universities, teachers and students. It seeks to analyze in details of the fundamental philosophy that should be upheld by the individual stakeholder with regard to the quality management of an undergraduate education, from the perspective of a macro level of state and society to intermediate level of universities to a micro level of teachers and students, based upon which the guiding principles for China’s quality management of China’s higher education are proposed.Based on the need to build an innovative nation, and from the perspective of educating undergraduate students with creative abilities and qualities, this paper addresses the existing problems of China’s implementation of a creative education and their root causes. It further proposes measures to be taken from the aspects of the publicity of implementing creative education, dissemination of its principles and techniques. The change of education pattern, encouragement of innovation, the change of the national matriculation test systems, the change of evaluation systems and fund-raising in universities, and the reform of HR practices facing diversification of qualifications.On the basis of the tracking and analysis of the current demand of the quality of the undergraduate students, the paper stresses setting standard managing system and teaching schedule to train the university staff. This paper also focuses on training quality coordinating system for undergraduate education from the four aspects of teaching managing system, teaching service system, university staff and students.This paper analyses the current credit systems in China’s universities, points to its problems and proposes remedial strategies regarding a teaching system based on genuine credit system, taking account the current state of China’s higher education.This paper, based on the need to build innovative nation, establishes the quality evaluation index system based on job market demand, and proposes the methodology for analyzing quality defects in undergraduate education, drawing on the principles of QFD. Finally, the paper applies it to the undergraduate quality evaluation of Qingdao University and specifies the key points in the universities undergraduate programs.
Keywords/Search Tags:undergraduate education, educational philosophy, educational quality, creditsystem, quality monitor system, quality evaluation
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