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A Study On The Construction Of The Quality Managing System For Undergraduate Papers Of Colleges And Universities In China

Posted on:2012-01-11Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y M WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2247330395481811Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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The undergraduate papers are not only somewhat vital practical teaching link in the undergraduate’s practical teaching program, an important standard to measure the teaching level in the university, but also the important evidence for both certificates of both graduation and bachelor degrees. However, because of the ever growing students’population, lack of enough attention of both teachers and students, inefficiency of reading materials in the library, praxis places, teaching equipment and also the managing system, the overall quality of both students and the papers are relatively lower. A lot of scholars approached that those who wrote the "faked" papers should be punished, and so on. These questions have aroused the wide attention in the society. This paper focused mainly on quality managing system of the undergraduate graduation paper and its construction issue.This paper selected A as the sample under the researching methods of the qualitative investigation and study on that. It had made a deep systematic research on the quality status, the organization and the theory construction and the practical use of the quality managing system of the undergraduate graduation papers. To make the original data much more reliable, the questionnaires with the fixed details and were handed out to400different students (150art students and250science students) from four ordinary colleges mainly of four years study in Anhui province,325papers were withdrawn and the withdrawing ratio is Withdrawing ratio is up to81%.According to the statistic of the questionnaires, the valuable materials and census about the relative questions on the graduation papers were collected. The interviews to the teaching assistants, dean and consultants on the teaching department also provided the basic materials to the research. Besides that, the files that were relative to the paper quality were collected to acquire the basic documents to the research.The quality of the undergraduate graduation papers is not only a process from blueprint to its realization, but also the result of the whole process of quality managing, each link in this process could influence the quality. To express the regulation of the quality formation on the graduation papers, this paper introduces the rationality into the quality managing system according to the ISO9000standard to improve the quality managing system of the undergraduates. Under the guidance of ISO9000, the quality managing regulating schedule outlined eight regulations on the quality managing and PDCA circulation system, a lot of relative suggestion of the planning, practice and control to the quality managing system of graduation papers are approached.The research also indicated that the completion of the graduation paper is a complicated systematic project in which both the teaching staffs and the students play a very important role to improve the graduation paper quality. The teaching managing institute should enhance the managing level and the whole investigation to the graduation papers under great attention.
Keywords/Search Tags:undergraduate graduation paper, quality management system, high education quality
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