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Higher Vocational Education Specialty Development Practice Research

Posted on:2015-09-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1227330485991747Subject:Vocational and Technical Education
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Higher vocational education, being from edge to center, has become the important part of higher education in China. From the general system theory, higher vocational specialty development itself is a dynamic equilibrium open system. From the point of the constitution, the training goal of specialty development of higher vocational education is to train high-quality, highly skilled and sustainable talents which includes the following core elements: training goal, training mode, curriculum system and curriculum resources, teaching team, on and off campus training condition, teaching management and so on. According to the professional principle, there is consistency between higher vocational specialty development and career. Firstly, there is consistency between the basis of specialty division and relevant career in career qualification. Secondly, there is consistency between the basis of the decision of training goal and relevant career in career function. Thirdly, There is consistency between teaching process and relevant career in work process, working environment and working activity space(professional situation). Fourthly, there is consistency between specialty social recognition and relevant career in judgment of social position and social value.Learning & borrowing the idea of German vocational education, the paper analyzes the present situation of specialty development & main factors affecting its development and finds out deficiencies in the course of specialty development in higher vocational education according to the specialty systematicness and career characteristics taking automation specialty as a carrier. It puts forward specialty development mode of “core technology integration”.which includes " Integration of core courses setting", "Integration of teaching environment", “ Integration of professional qualification” and “the integration of internships”. The concept is on the basis of thinking, design, discussion and practice from setting up of theory & practice teaching system, curriculum structure setting up, practice teaching base setting up, teaching material setting up, personnel training mode setting up and course construction. Setting up curriculum structure system of “Four level two stage one cross”, theoretical & practical teaching system of “parallel to each other and merging cross” in order to realize the integration of core technology and course setting. To realize the linking-up between diploma education system & professional qualification training system taking course module as the tie of dual certificates. To realize the linking-up between diploma degree & professional qualification taking professional qualification standard as guidance and taking professional skills as training key factor. It talks about supporting conditions of specialty development mode of “Core Technology Integration” which involves the setting up of supporting courses system, teaching material, practical training base setting up and teaching team setting up. Skills competition entries and teaching resources development based on the “Core Technology Integration”serve the industry upgrading and social needs, face the practical teaching reform, focus on the comprehensive training teaching, integrate the industry enterprise standard, adopt the internationally general technology, focus on the conversion of teaching resources of the competition, lead a national vocational training electromechanical specialty comprehensive education reform, support the reform of teaching practice.The concept of specialty development of “Core Technology Integration” of higher vocational education studies and summarizes an effective method which involves graduates’ knowledge, abilities, quality structure, cooperation approach of production practice & study, specialty teaching theory & practice system, curriculum structure, course content, dual certificate course, teaching & learning environment(training base), teaching materials development, teaching team development, skills contest competition design and resource development, formulation of the internationalization of professional standard and so on. It is an effective way which is focus on employment-oriented & ability-oriented in the course of specialty development and teaching. It is also an effective way that the concept of school guidance of higher vocational education goes deep into meso & micro perspective from macro perspective, which offers us some help and experience in specialty development of higher vocational education.
Keywords/Search Tags:Higher vocational education, Specialty development, Core technology integration, Curriculum system, Practical training base, Teaching team, Dual certificates, Internship
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