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Research And Application Of Cross Cultural Conflict Early Warning Model Of Chinese Enterprises

Posted on:2020-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X L WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2439330572480339Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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In the context of today's economic globalization,foreign capital has become an important team in the global economic construction and plays an important role in promoting the sustainable development of the global economy.As a major absorbing foreign capital and a major foreign investment country,China's contribution to the global economy cannot be ignored.Chinese-funded enterprises,as the main force for attracting foreign investment and foreign investment,the contradictions and conflicts caused by multicultural exchanges within the company will continue to increase and become more and more intensified as the degree of globalization deepens,which will eventually affect the smooth development of enterprises and lead to deeper problems..Nowadays,there are many aspects of cross-cultural conflict management.However,from the perspective of individual cultural intelligence and expatriate adaptation to study cultural conflicts,from individual personality characteristics to study the frequency of conflicts from the perspective of crisis management to study the Chinese-funded enterprises' cross-cultural conflict intensity,the research is really rare.This paper analyzes the relationship among cultural intelligence,expatriate adaptation and cultural conflicts,and establishes a cross-cultural conflict early warning model.It is of great significance to help Chinese-funded enterprises effectively preventing cultural conflict prevention measures,reducing enterprise management costs,increasing corporate income.This paper firstly discusses the connotation and influencing factors of cultural intelligence and expatriate adaptation.And as for the cross-culture conflicts,are studied according to the type and management styles.Then,through domestic and foreign literature review,propose the hypothetical relationship between cultural intelligence and expatriate adaptation,between cultural intelligence and cross-cultural conflict management styles,between expatriate adaptation and cross-cultural conflict management types.In the data collection stage of this paper,the staff who with the background of the expatriate experience among the 15 representative inter-text enterprises in Yunnan Province were selected as the research objects,and the collected data were analyzed and organized in the SPSS software,and test the researchhypothesis of this paper.Through the individual personality characteristics,such as education level,gender and role status and so on,study the conflict frequency.Then,based on the thought of extension method,establishing a cross-cultural conflict warning model to predict the intensity of conflicts faced.Finally,get the results of this paper: The individual cultural intelligence is positively affecting its expatriate adaptation,is positively related to cooperative conflict management styles,and negatively related to competitive conflict management styles.At the same time,when the expatriate adaptation is not suitable,the psychologically unsuitable group tends to relational conflict,the socially unsuitable groups tend to be task-type conflict,and the cross-cultural conflicts and conflicts management mode mediates between cultural intelligence and expatriate adaptation,the cooperative conflict management styles is positively affecting its expatriate adaptation,while the competitive conflict management styles does not negatively affect its expatriate adaptation,which means that the conflict management styles is not linear in the impact mechanism of external adaptation;individual personality characteristics both educated degree and position level are related to the frequency of conflict,but they are not related to gender.At the same time,in the early warning model,cultural intelligence,expatriate adaptation and demographic characteristics are used as conflict evaluation indicators to feedback the level of cross-cultural conflict intensity of enterprises.Therefore,according to the research results obtained in this paper,we can propose countermeasures and suggestions for the cross-cultural conflict management of Chinese-funded enterprises: In terms of cultural intelligence and expatriate adaptation,it can provide a basis for enterprises to select suitable expatriates.Expatriates who select high-level cultural intelligence are more conducive to their assignments,thus improving the success rate of assignment tasks;In terms of cultural intelligence and conflict management styles,companies choose suitable expatriates and tend to choose expatriates who use cooperative conflict management rather than competitive conflict management to resolve conflicts in the face of cross-cultural conflicts.It can improve the performance of assignments;In terms of expatriateadaptation and cultural conflicts,the adaptation of Chinese-funded enterprises should be given great attention.When the situation of unacceptable expatriate adaptation occurs,according to it is psychological culture or social culture,it is predicted that it will be produced the type of cultural conflict,and do prevent measures in advance;In the frequency of conflict,there is no direct relationship between the occurrence of conflict and gender,so there should be no gender discrimination when selecting expatriates;The early warning model derives the current level of conflict of the enterprise,and adopts different coping strategies in time according to the level of conflict to reduce the current probability of cross-cultural conflicts.
Keywords/Search Tags:Cultural Intelligence, Expatriate Adaptation, Cross-Cultural Conflict
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