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Research On Cross-cultural Conflict Management Of AD Group Guangzhou Company

Posted on:2021-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2439330626959550Subject:Business Administration
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In the past 40 years China's reform and open up,Chinese economic and industrial chain capabilities have been developed rapidly.A large number of foreign companies came to China invest and set up branches,relying on Chinese manufacturing supply chain to sell products all over the world.Many foreign companies face inevitable management problems caused by cross-cultural conflicts of process operation and management in China,and affect company's operation efficiency.In summary,the root cause effect of foreign companies' operation and management in China is the culture difference.Because in company operation and management process,the thinking mode,behavior mode,management theory,religious culture,and living habits of two sides are very different.The contradictions studied in this article are manifested in the cross-cultural conflict management which caused by the difference between Chinese and German of AD Group Guangzhou company.AD Group was founded in Germany in 1949,and specializes in sports footwear,apparel and sports accessories.AD Group entered China in 1997 and set up a branch in Guangzhou with more than 200 employees.It mainly manages more than 100 foundry cooperation companies in the upstream and downstream industrial chains in China.In recent years,cross-cultural conflicts in Guangzhou company have become increasingly prominent obvious,such as misunderstanding in the communication between foreign employees and local employees in work and information exchange,which seriously affects working efficiency;misunderstanding caused by cultural conflicts Level contradictions are rigid;Chinese and German employees have poor cooperation,low execution ability,and misunderstanding of communication;Chinese employees believe that dogma is rigid;German employees feel that Chinese employees are scattered,resulting in inefficient cooperation and tense relations;Cultural conflicts cause unfair promotion,China Employees have serious career ceilings,and the problem of high qualified employee quit and join in competitors does exist.After theoretical research and case analysis,the main conclusion of this paper is that if AD Group Guangzhou Company wants to achieve long-term development in China,it must improve the level of cross-cultural conflict management.Based on the culture of group head quarter company,we must understand Chinese culture,recognize Chinese and German cultural differences,integrate native culture with Chinese culture and corporate culture,and finally implement the solution from a cross-cultural management perspective.Organize the localization of organizational culture to form cross-cultural management concepts and methods that are aligned with the values of both shareholders,ultimately resolve differences,improve understanding and management efficiency.This will reduce the negative impact of cross-cultural conflicts on business operations and achieve cross-cultural management success in Guangzhou company.At the same time,I truly believe that this research will also provide valuable reference of crosscultural conflict management for AD Group Ho Chi Minh company.
Keywords/Search Tags:Culture, Cultural shock, Organizational culture, Cultural conflict, Crosscultural management, Cultural model, High context, Low context, Cultural structure, Cultural coordination and cooperation, Localization
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