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Construction Of Highly Efficient Team Of Public Organization

Posted on:2015-02-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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With demands of economic and political development of the traditional society, bureaucracy has become the main public organization which was used to provide public management and public services. It is basing on individuals to work together. However, the bureaucracy which has developed in industrial society and was focusing on varieties of rules and regulations and its command system is becoming a bloated, serious wasteful and inefficient body and not adapted to the current knowledge-intensive, information-rich and innovating-rapidly society. These troubles in bureaucracy become increasingly unsuited to requirements of modern socio-economical development. Thus, in the public management process, we begin to emphasize the diversification of subjects, the expansion of the objects, the changes of means and mechanisms, at the same time, emphasize the power of administration from centralized to decentralized, the role of government from the paddle to the service, the administrative actions from one-way to interaction and the path of administration innovation from one way to the multiple. The complex environment both inside and outside organizations and the competition between organizations requireto strengthen adaptation, resilience and flexibility of public organizations. With the development of socialist economy, the environment is more complex and the process is more twists and turns. Comparing to the old environment of traditional public organizations, new situation requires a new organization in which public management should be more flexible, more changeable and more cooperative. The team work in public organization can meet these requirements because it has the characters of network, flat, flexibility and diversity. It must be the most appropriate and effective organization for Chinese public management.Team in public organizations refers a group of people who have high level of independence and can make a certain amount of achievement or successfully complete the mission basing on the goals of public management. Team in the public organizations has the following three characteristics:it is an integrated social system with the unabridged boundary, the interdependence among members and the different roles of members; it can result that team members have the common sense of responsibility and also accept the potential assessment; it is running in one organization. Therefore, in the nature of ability view, the team in public organization is a mechanism for abnormal-level radiation of core ability; in the nature of organizations view, it is a "sub-organizations" in the public organization systems; in the nature of contract view, it is a kind of coordination and transaction; in the nature of behaviors view, it is a perfect combination between internal and external behavior.There are so many reasons to explain why good performance teams should be used into public organizations. In the history of organization theories, we can find so many theories talking about team in public organizations:Social identity and Social performance theory has helped us understand the importance of good-performance team in organizations; Group dynamic theory has made foundation to build a successful team in public organizations. Cooperation and competition theory provides a clear perspective for team-building from the interdependence of goal; Transaction cost theory analyses the costs and the benefits of team in economic way; Collective action theory gives the good lessons from influencing factors about team building; Social collaboration theory gives the guide how to successful run the team in organizational; Decision-making theory regulates team's powers of decision-making and leaderships in the relationship between decision-making and management. Humanism in public administration talks that the core of public organization is the integration between making personnel value and social value come true.Meanwhile, we can also conclude that it's inevitable that team should be used from practices of public organization. The plights of bureaucracy enforced manager to initiatively carry out the advanced technologies and methods which are very successful in enterprise management to improve performance in public organizations. The most typical of which is introduction of total quality management (TQM) and Benchmarking. Unfortunately, opposing to expectations, TQM and Benchmarking are not so effective in public organizations as in private organizations. The reason is the nature of public organization. But the most important reason is due to TQM and Benchmarking because they are merely the little change to improve management methods which is only confined within the acceptable range by bureaucracy. In essence, they are mainly used to improve the operational efficiency of the traditional organizations and to protect bureaucracy. It's "new wine in the old bottles" actually. Different from betterment of bureaucracy, the new emerging organizations enhance the negative degree to bureaucracy and mainly focused on the adaptability of organizations. If we look for the foundation of every new organization, it is not difficult to find, no matter it is seamless government, learning organization or the network of organization, virtual organization, there is a core element----team. Seamless governments are ready to build the internal processes of team. Learning organizations are preparing for building the methods of team as well as making culture, value and thinking ways of team-based organization. Network is preparing for team thoughts. And virtual public organizations help to make the efficient operation of team.However, team-building is not a natural, continuous and smooth process, but a full of twists and turns with the difficulties, obstacles and team failure process. For public organizations, the influencing factors and barriers of team-building may come from any level of organizational system:the individual level, group level as well as organizational level, even more likely the complex obstacles which is formed by interwoven factors and barriers from different levels, such as the system and structure barriers, the social psychological obstacles and organizational cultural barriers. Coupling with public issue's diversity and complexity which aggravated the barriers and obstacles, there are so many troubles and problems to influence team building, even cause team failure.Therefore, we have at least three ways to deal with the existing team obstacles and failure in public organizations. The first is to build team's ability through all kinds of methods. The second is progressively using team strategy and team tools in organizational predicament. The third is reshaping organizational culture in which the team sharing spirit is the core and the inner spirit of public organization, value orientation and attitude of conflict management are stressed too. Through the above-mentioned three overall transformation strategy, team in public organizations gradually overcome the obstacles and barriers and approach the team-based public organizations. This is a multi-pronged strategy, so the model of team-building should use goal coordination as the fundamental, team participation as support, appropriate methods in the right place and whole improvement for transformation.From the transformation of organizational theories to the improvement of organization practices, we can easily infer that the structure and operation of traditional individual-based organizations are undermined deeply and drastically, meanwhile team-based organizational structure and operation is progressively clear, and more teams are showing its importance. Furthermore, we can infer that more and more efficient teams in public organizations will be formed so that the foundation and structure of bureaucracies have to be changed. Therefore, the team-based public organizations are the future direction of public organizations innovation to a certainly. In such organizations, the organizational structure is built basing on organizational process in which each team is in charge of one task, Working will be changed fundamentally and the customers-oriented of public goods and public services will force public organizations to become the more customer-centered, consumer-driven and process-oriented team-based organization. The characters of team-based public organizations can be able to meet the demands of modern organization to provide good public goods and services. We have enough reasons to believe that team-based public organizations will promote the development of governance to a certainty during we are mastering the law of team-based public organizations.The paper in the writing process to focus on the two innovation, one is from the original theory of organizational behavior, the point of view of social psychology, public economics, public administration and public organization theory back public organization and efficient team, clearly the reason analysis of public organization team produced and multi-dimensional nature of public organization, team and to a certain extent, filled in gaps of efficient team characterization and mechanism theory of public organization; two is put forward in the public organization and efficient team of construction process to change the traditional organization mode, breaking the traditional organization in the organization when the design to the division of functions and then organizational habits, the construction principles to follow the target and task oriented "strategy---duty structure process" team, trying to find the seven strategies of a different from the traditional, but also different from the enterprise efficient team the team construction, provides the procedure and method for the promotion of public organization innovation and public sector performance.However, the paper also has shortcomings, many for example, in the high efficiency team construction in theory is relatively mature, but only part of the public organization practice began to practice, practice should be strengthened; the team to apply the public organization will encounter a lot of obstacles, but the author in the paper only to feel the influence factors and obstacles effective team building are analyzed. In fact, public organization differences and regional differences will make the construction of efficient team is facing various difficulties, which are the shortcomings, because of their own limitations is temporarily unable to solve the puzzle.
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