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Inter-organization Conflict In The SMEs Strategic Network

Posted on:2017-05-13Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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In the era of network economy,the ability to manage complex inter-enterprise relationships becomes core foundation of the sustainable development of enterprises.Therefore the management of conflicts across enterprise boundaries becomes a hot issue in the study on enterprise strategy in the past 20 years.But for a long time,the existing study from network interactive perspective emphasis more on cooperation and coordination among enterprises,the negative effect of the network collaboration is still in a neglected state.As being in the middle of hierarchy organization and market organization,the strategic network has its internal conflicts generating from its instability.The research takes small and medium sized enterprises(SMEs)as samples,with the enterprise network growth as the background,focusing on the following two questions:1.What induce the relationship conflicts of enterprise strategic network and how does it work?2.How does the inter-organizational relationship conflict spread and overlap in the network?3.How to construct the mechanism to deal with network relationship conflicts for small enterprises?On the above issues,this thesis follows the research paradigm of "theories deducting-the empirical testing-model inducting" and is organized as follows:First,the thesis begins with the tudy on the cooperation effectiveness of strategic networks of SMEs,and in view of the reality of the high "disintegration rate" of the strategic network,it puts forward the core research question----"the generating mechanism of Inter-Organizational Relationship Conflict".Through extensive collection of field survey and relevant theoretical information at home and abroad,based on the integration model of five elements in the network relationship capital,the research illustrates analysis form the five main views of the relational capital,namely,resources,relation,cognition,the ability,and structure.From that the research framework and theoretical model of generation and overlay diffusion mechanism of inter organizational relationship conflicts are derived from relationship capital element mismatch,which provides factual basis and theoretical support for the follow-up study.And then based on the regression analysis between relationship capital mismatch and inter-organizational relationship conflict,The research set to analyze effect factors and paths of inter organizational relationship conflict the statically,to grasp the inter organizational relationship conflict,it provides direct empirical evidence for the knowledge of its mechanism.Finally through network analysis of inter organizational relationship conflict generating mechanism,the thesis provides theoretical basis for the measures small and medium-sized enterprises take to weaken the negative effect of conflict from two aspects:Elements mismatch superposition and binary conflict superposition to explain inter organizational relationship conflict induction and conduction path.In accordance with the above ideas,this research focus on the two basic research propositions:"What induce the relationship conflicts of enterprise strategic network and how does it work?" and " How does the inter-organizational relationship conflict spread and overlap in the network?" On the basis of studies from theoretical origin,by means of the regression analysis and networks analysis,The research finds out generating and diffusion mechanism of inter organizational relationship conflict in the strategic network of SMEs from an integration perspective of relation capital mismatch?Conclusions are as follows::First of all,the elements mismatch of relationship capital is a concept with five dimensions,including resource mismatch,structural mismatch,relational mismatch,cognitive mismatch and capacity mismatch.This concept system has enriched and supplemented the concepts in the network growth theory from the theoretical model.And the operation of this concept is realized and the scale of the five dimensions of elements mismatch of relationship capital is developed and used in the empirical test.The empirical results show that the five dimensional conceptual model of relational capital allocation has good internal construct validity.Furthermore,this study found that,although the dynamic matching of the network relationship capital has made the growth and competition model of the enterprise,the mismatch between the elements of the relationship capital is the root cause of the conflict.The empirical data show that the mismatch of relationship elements can lead to the conflict of inter organizational relationships,and the perception of unfairness play mediating roles between the elements mismatch of relational capital and the conflict of organizational relationships.Finally,in this paper,we use nehtwork analysis to study the issue "How does the inter-organizational relationship conflict spread and overlap in the network"from two ways of mismatch:elements excess and element scarce.Therefore,a theoretical model of the transmission mechanism of Inter Organizational Relationship Conflict Based on double overlay effect is proposed--SNOWMAN MODEL.Based on this model,the paper expounds the origin,causes and manifestations of Inter Organizational Relationship Conflict Based on the integrated view of the mismatch of relational capital elements.Compared with the relevant conclusions of this study and existing research results,it can be found that this study achieve a certain degree of expected innovation by offering supplementary to the growth theory of enterprise network,inter organizational relationship and strategic synergy theory,and deep knowledge on generating mechanism and dynamic evolution of the diffusion and conduction mechanism.It has made certain contribution to the theory.The innovation of this research is mainly reflected in the following aspects:Firstly,it is proposed and verified the structure and dimension of the elements mismatch of the relational capital Secondly,it reveals the incentives and the conduction path of the elements mismatch of the relational capital.At last,it promotes the integration and development of network theory and conflict theory.The inter-organizational relationship conflict in strategic network of SMEs is an important issue for enterprises to achieve effective network growth and improve the efficiency of network collaboration.There are still a lot of content worthy of further discussion.This paper attempts to study the formation mechanism of inter-organizational relationship conflict in strategic network of SMEs,and some valuableconclusions are drawn,but there are still some deficiencies in the research,Such as in the survey questionnaire,although researchers has make every effort,but due to the actual condition limit,to some extent,there are some defects in sampling and questionnaire data of the empirical part.Follow-up study can be based on the improvement and perfection.
Keywords/Search Tags:Strategic network, Relationship capital, Elements mismatch, Interorganizational relationship conflict, Overlap mechanism of conflict
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