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Research On Leadership Styles And Behaviors Of County/Level Cadres Of Governmental Organs In China

Posted on:2014-03-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J HanFull Text:PDF
GTID:1366330491454039Subject:Administrative Management
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This research is divided into an introduction,five chapters and a conclusion.Introduction Part introduces research background of leadership styles of county-level cadres of in China governmental organs,indicating that this research has important practical significance and value theory,and also combs the correlation between leadership style and leadership behaviors on county-level cadres of governmental organs in China.It also provides a look on the issues of current research on the basis of the achievements and shortfalls to provide the reference to this study and innovation point.Chapter One on China's county-level government organs ' leadership style and leadership behaviors related to theories of Human Resources in Public Sector,administrative leadership theories and competencies theories,in order to provides a theoretical basis on building structure model between our Government officials ' leadership style and leadership behaviors.Chapter Two to Chapter Four,assumes that statement on construction Model of Leadership Styles for Chinese Governmental level cadres and the definitions of variables and measurement to develop and collect data,and using SPSS and AMOS Software as the analytical tools for testing and analyses on the results of analysis and discussion.Chapter Five improves leadership styles and leadership capacity-building policy recommendations and action paths by validation analysis and summary of conclusions.Conclusion Part pointed out that the study has limitations,and future research directions.Innovation points of this article mainly reflect in the following aspects:1.Innovation on research perspectiveCurrent research are largely based on the study on the relationship between leadership behaviorand employees or organizational performance,few scholars reviewed leadership development from the leader's own competencies improvement and development perspective,particularly between leadership style and leadership,how leadership behaviour affects leadership style,not too much comments involves in China and abroad.This article attempts to lead the way with empirical research on the causal relationship between leadership styles and leadership behaviors,and the author will draw some conclusions,seeking to reveal the relationship between the two.From the perspective of the Government,the government will be viewed as a team to study its leadership style,both the current leader individual,the main direction of leading groups and organizations,but will also be from individual leadership style to future organization of our collective leadership style.Research of hoslistic leadership style is itself a new direction of academic,particularly drawing on leadership style analysis of the theoretical system of government leadership,it is a ground-breaking study.2.Innovation of the research contentTransformation of government functions can not be separated from economic development,social development,cultural prosperity and subjective role of the people,but the construction of their own leadership styles,and abilities training and upgrading governments have very important roles.Distinct leadership styles of Officials of both Central Government and local governments at all levels will no doubt contributes to overall leadership style of outside,promoting the construction of well-off and harmony society,social stability,national prosperity,catalyst for national stability,the civilizations of the world.also,leadership styles of construction and development in China Government organs combine with theories and practice phase of leadership styles in Western government organs,to enjoy the fruits of world civilization,but also to promote the holistic development of leadership-building with Chinese characteristics.3.Innovation of research methodsUsing the construction model by SPSS and AMOS,innovation starts from the leadership styles and leadership behaviors,and classified overall five leadership styles as transformational leadership style,a charismatic leadership style,authentic leadership style,service leadership style.And 6 leadership behaviors which is divided into 3,600 feedback,coaching,mentoring,network,task-based,and learning-orientated leadership behaviors,and systems analysis of the effectiveness and performance of their respective forms.In building a well-off society and achieving the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation's journey,this makes the Chinese characteristics of the building as a whole Government;the Government's overall leadership style is of great theoretical significance and practical value.
Keywords/Search Tags:Government Governance, Administrative Leadership, Leadership Styles, Leadership Behaviors, Correlation between Leadership Styles and Behaviors
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