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Research On Development And Regional Development Of Water Conservancy Project In Hsinchu Plain Based On Historical Perspective

Posted on:2020-06-21Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q X Y a n g YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1366330599961820Subject:Administrative Management
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Water resources play a very important part in creating human civilization and culture,the development of human origin are closely related to the river basin.For example,the Yangtze River and the Yellow River in China,the Nile in Egypt,Mesopotamia in The Republic of Iraq,the Ganges in India,and Toucian River in Taiwan.These histories show us water resource is very important for human,human beings cannot live a day without water.Chinese ancestors had used the fertile land near rivers to farm and done economic development.They also had build reservoirs to save water.These water resourse help ancestors created the beautiful history of China and the culture of Taiwan pioneers.The main theme of my thesis is that building reservoirs can promote the development of local economic,agriculture,industrialization,and change the physiognomy and culture of the local.The periods of economic,agriculture,industrialization began with the social life of human.Irrigation development and the use and supply of water resources are most important thing for all construction.Irrigation development and hydraulic engineering are not only the main support of the agriculture,but also the spiritual prop of a country and human civilization development.Such as the Qin dynasty in Chinese history,it is the most powerful country compare to the other six countries at the same period.The hydraulic engineering was the most developed,the "Dujiangyan" Irrigation System,the " Zhengguo Canal " made Qin strong enough to fight other countries.In Qing dynasty,Irrigation development in Taiwan brought the second revolution of the Taiwan Agricultural.Ron Chun Reservoir by Wang Shijie,Dong Xing Reservoir by Lin Xiankun,Shi Bi Tan Reservoir by Jiang Shengzhi,Ho Dong by Liu Chaozhen,Jhu Dong Reservoir by Lin Chunxiu.As a result Hsinchu Rice become the Taiwan's main export in Qing Dynasty.Water Development have big influence on the development of the Hsinchu plain.The prevention of flood is very important in terms of protecting people living area safe.Administering the use and supply of the water resource by public policy can help all economic development work better.This paper focuses on reclaiming from Zhuqian area and developing irrigation in Zhuqian by Han.Their actions promoted the development of agriculture,economic and society.The topic is that the land is of great worth owing to the ownership of land and the management of agricultural water rights.The development of economic in Zhuqian area became better and prosperous by the interaction and compromise between human beings and the governmental policy.In this study,it analyzed differences of the land and irrigation development between the Qing Dynasty and Japanese rule according to our history.The devolution of reclaiming land and developing irrigation was on the gentry in Qing Dynasty.So we know that the Qing government ruled Taiwan negatively.On the other hand,under the Japanese rule the economic had developed rapidly because of the policy “agriculture Taiwan”.But all policies were on a base of Colonialism and Japanese benefits were first.All crops had be transported to Japan.
Keywords/Search Tags:Zhuqian, land development, irrigation development, paddization, water rights management, public policy, hydraulic engineering, water resources
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