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Social Cognitive Career Theory and Middle School Student Career Exploration

Posted on:2014-05-30Degree:Ph.DType:Dissertation
University:Regent UniversityCandidate:Sickinger, Pamela HFull Text:PDF
Within the framework of social cognitive career theory, social cognitive career variables, demographic variables, and the contextual variable, parent support, were examined to determine their predictive value for eighth-grade students' career exploration behavior. Results suggest that the social cognitive career variable, intentions/goals, and the contextual variable, parent support, are significant predictors. The implications of these results and recommendations for implementation in accordance with the American School Counselor Association (ASCA; 2012) National Model includes facilitating parent involvement in the career domain of the middle school counseling program, increasing an interdisciplinary focus on the goal-setting process, and advocating for development of career skills as an equal partner to academic preparation.
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