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From Dominance To Synergy:The Influence Of Clan Culture On Village Sports Expression And Practice

Posted on:2022-09-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Clan culture is a traditional Chinese culture that complements Confucianism and ethical culture.This culture with blood ties has deep historical roots in China.In many villages in China,clan culture has dominated for a long time and still plays a role in many affairs of village society.The operation of village sports is also affected by clan culture and presents different stage characteristics in different historical periods.This study selected Xingtang village in southern Hunan as a case,based on the theory of cultural change and collaborative governance,conducted a diachronic and synchronic investigation of xingtang village sports by means of literature,case analysis,field investigation,oral history and other research methods.Through the diachronic investigation of sports in Xingtang Village,it shows the influence of clan culture on village sports in different historical stages,and reflects how the clan culture,as a local knowledge,cleverly seeks its own living space when the national "big culture" constructs the village society.At the same time,village collective events including village sports demonstrate their tenacious vitality.From the star village and the surrounding villages "two county,three township" basketball game synchronic study analyzes the influence of clan culture in the moment of village sports,at the same time reflect the state and local "big culture" "small culture" of the benign interaction,in order for the strategy of rejuvenating the country,the national integrated in full and the use of village society,the clan culture included various effective strength,Jointly promote the development of village sports,promote the national fitness,comprehensive health to provide reference.Through the diachronic investigation of the case village,we find that the mainstream culture of the village changes due to the different ways,means and efforts of the country(dynasty)to construct the village society in different periods,and the clan culture as local knowledge also goes up and down.The clan culture in the village society has experienced the process of leading--hibernating--watching--active,and its influence on village sports has realized the change from leading to coordinating.In the traditional society and the Period of the Republic of China,because the clan culture played a dominant role in the village society,Xingtang Village combined sports activities into collective activities such as clan sacrifice by virtue of the strict clan organization,solid clan assets and strict clan rules,and the sports in Xingtang Village presented a state of self-independence.In the first 30 years after the founding of The People's Republic of China,Chinese society was in a post-revolutionary atmosphere.During this period,the sports organization,sports backbone,sports content and sports organization form of Xingtang Village had undergone great changes,with a strong "sports" imprint.At the same time,the clan culture showed a stubborn side through the dragon and lion dance under the night.In a period of time after the reform and opening up,although clan culture has recovered to a certain extent,it is no longer the main content of village culture,let alone the dominant force of village sports.Because over a period of time,"combine" imbalances,once countries relax to the culture of the village social guidance,village social failed to form a new dominant cultural force,the village sports culture is in a state of "desertification",star village once sports mar disordered state,and the neighbouring village trees border disputes and contingency pushed the clan to the front desk,The clan fighting caused by this promoted the brief climax of xingtang village clan collective practicing wushu to a certain extent.Since the beginning of the new century,the state has raised the issue of agriculture,rural areas and farmers to an unprecedented height through the construction of new countryside,beautiful countryside and rural revitalization strategy.State of a body to guide the village culture brings out the "one yuan lead,pluralistic coexistence",in the form of village clan culture in collaborative national mainstream culture to promote the development of village sports in the process,both in this specific period of time feeling the Spring Festival of the families of the fathers of modern sports charm and village collective exult,and the village sports often feel helpless,at ordinary times At the same time,the traditional clan sports are not sustainable torture.Through the village to participate in the case of the two counties "three township" synchronic study of basketball game,we can see the country through active involvement in the "two county,three township" "presence" in the basketball game,also after dinner the "foreign",to the countryside in the positive promotion to this event into a village folk sports culture brand,to promote the construction of village culture,local custom civilization.The presence of the state promoted the positioning of the basketball game of "two counties and three townships" and expressed the construction of the state to the village society.On the one hand,village cadres,who play the dual roles of state agent and village family member,actively respond to the call of the state to improve the political content of the event and seek "political achievements";on the other hand,through the successful holding of the event,they demonstrate the strength of the village blood community.The village elites,the active practitioners of village culture,showed their talents in the "two counties and three townships" basketball match,closely cooperating to ensure the smooth holding of the match.In particular,the extended elite of village clan--the third force,after realizing upward mobility,still pay attention to the development of village society based on the identification of village clan culture.Through the basketball game of "Two Counties and three townships",the state actively constructs the village society and guides the development of the village society.At the same time,the powerful power of the clan culture of Xingtang Village has also been highlighted,and the state and society have reached a cultural conspiracy.At present,when the country promotes the modernization of governance system and governance capacity,the country and society should closely cooperate to realize "the country in the society,the society in the country".While giving full play to the leading role of national mainstream culture in village sports,the supplementary role of traditional clan culture in village sports governance should be emphasized.In the interaction with the country,the clan culture gives full play to its role in integrating village sports resources,organizing and mobilizing,maintaining village sports order and so on,and responds positively to the national construction of sports power,the realization of national health,the construction of civilized village customs,and the promotion of rural revitalization.
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