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The Research Of Feeder Automation Model

Posted on:2006-12-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C P ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2132360182470071Subject:Control Engineering
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Feeder automation, as the core of DA, includes fault detection, fault diagnosis, fault isolation, and power restoring. FA is vital to improve power supply reliability, to reduce power supply loses, and is the key of city distribution network construction and reconstruction.The concept, content and structure of DA are introduced first in this paper, then the constitution and content of FA is analyzed. Comparing with the developed country on the automation degree and power supply reliability illustrates that realization of FA is of necessity, and study of FA mode is of great value.Different loop network scheme, network structure and subsection devices has different FA project. The principles, advantages and disadvantages of FA scheme in various circumstance is studied in this paper, and distributed intelligent mode, stair-step protection mode and hybrid mode of integrating with centralized-control mode is presented. Those FA modes are suitable for each stage of city power network reconstruction and provide a more superior and more practical scheme for city power network FA construction and reconstruction. Especially, according to different characteristics of different stage in city power network reconstruction, FA scheme is recommended to power department, which has .practical value.Based on the study on the network structure, the mode of FA and the characteristic of subsection devices, a series of FTU is designed in this paper. The configuration and usage of FTU and the FA mode which FTU is fit for is also studied, which will be of help in the practice.The research achievement in this paper has been successfully supplied in the distribution network of new urban district of Hebi in Henan province, and the result of operation in field has proved that the scheme presented in this paper is reasonable and reliable.
Keywords/Search Tags:Distribution automation, Feeder automation, Fault diagnosis, Fault isolation
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