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Risking Obviation And Reinforcing Techniqueand Indication System Based On Sustainable Development Study Of Reservoirs

Posted on:2007-01-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2132360182988659Subject:Structure engineering
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Sustainable Development has become a global development strategy. As far as water conservancy is concerned, sustainable development is also very important. Reservoir is an important facility which can reallocate the natural water across time and the space, so, how to evaluate reservoirs' sustainable development conditions is a top urgent problem to be resolved.Based on the example of shahe reservoir, the text makes an analysis on circulation, management and environment and social economy development condition of the surrounding ecosystem. Then, the author carries on inquisition, data analysis and summary and makes calculation and demonstration of the safe stability of the dam ,and discusses the risking obviation and reinforcing technique. Finally, based on the existing research of sustainable development, experts' opinions and Mathematical Statistics analysis, the author brought forward an indication system suitable for reservoirs' sustainable development This system is made up of 4 first class indexes, 13 second class indexes, 38 foundational indexes. The 4 first class indexes are the dam safety evaluating index, the management index of reservoirs, the water ecosystem system stability index, the reservoirs' construction effect index. The 13 second class indexes are the construction quality evaluating index, the dam running and management evaluating index, the flood control standard recheck index, the structure safety evaluating index, the anti- earthquake evaluating index, seepage safety evaluation index sign, the metal structure safety evaluating index, the engineering facility index, the management index, the water ecosystem system stability index, engineering effect index, the economic development index, the society development index. Based on the international and national standard, "the agenda of China in 21 centuries", the Chinese water conservancy modernize, the corresponding numbers in "the reservoir great dam safe evaluation lead", together with the optimal value and satisfaction value in this inquisition, this article acquires target values. Then, combining with practical data, we can acquire index numbers of all fundamental indexes.Then, with the using AHP analysis methods, the proportion and numbers of every comprehensive sustainable development indexes are calculated. Also, the collective sustainable development conditions are evaluated and analyzed. Finally, valuable improving measures for the reservoirs are brought forward.
Keywords/Search Tags:Shahe Reservoir, Risking Obviation and Reinforcing Sustainable Development, AHP, Judgement Matrix
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