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The Study On Yangjiabu's Woodcut New Year Pictures In Qing Dynasty

Posted on:2008-12-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2155360215996611Subject:Historical philology
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The Yang Jiabu wood engraving lunar New Year's painting is one ofthe three famous wood engraving lunar New Year's paintings in ourCountry which has existed more than 500 years. Yang Jiabu appeared"hundreds picture shops, thousand picture varieties, picture varieties up toten thousand". Magnificent scene from kangxi to Qianglong year in QingDynasty. The product radiates Shandong, the northeast area andperipheral provinces which is zhe national three big wood engavinglunar new years painting habitat with Tinjin's Yang liuqing ang Suzhou'speach blossom shipyard, holds the important status in our country lunarnew year's painting history.The Yang Jiabu wood engraving lunar new year's painting takes tounique folk form of ant in china. The "firecracker sound a lunar newyear's eve, The spring breeze delivers enters the tu su warmly. Front doorten thousand household pupil pupil date, Always trades the new peach theold symbol". Develops is evolving, It's maintaining the lives of peoplethroughout widespread and the close relation. Therefore, the Yang Jiabuwood engraving lunar new year's painting became the general populace tolive a custom constituent, It justs like a drawing dictionary in the folkcultural art encyclopedia, Including each social life aspect, Some contentsand so on and it carries on the bold choices and distortion processing vividly to corrent event, Entertainment, Folk custom,character and style,Imagines richly, Is sending out the rich local breath Has formed ownbright artistic feature.The Yang Jiabu wood engraving lunar new year's painting'smanufacture craft basically is depends on the colored chromatography tocomplete, Is local artistic form which the plank chromatography and themanual colored drawing on pottery unify. The manufacture workingprocedure it's the manuscript picture type, the carving wood engraving,on document printing and dries a goods rouge.The manners and customs forms which under the different socialenvironment have certain differences naturally, The custom spreadswhich in certain scope inevitably requests the folk fine arts which adaptswith it. Yang Jiabu as wood engraving lunar new year's paintingcompared with Yangliuqing, peach blossom shipyard lunar new year'spaintings, In the form, the content, the color modelling and theperformance method all have the very big difference, Its simple nature sstyle can completely show the north farmers' disposition. This kind ofesthetic psychology and the esthetic criterion cause Yang Jiabu's lunarnew year's painting work full of rich local breath and the regioncharacteristic.The color printing wood engraving lunar new year's painting obtainswidely use in the Qing Dynasty folk lunar new year's painting, so, it has certain practical significance and the academic value to deeply excavateand arrange the each aspect of yang jiabu wood engraving lunar newyear'painting.
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