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The Current Situation Survey And Protection Research On Shandong Folk New-year Paintings Of Wood Engraving

Posted on:2009-03-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J Z WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2155360242983844Subject:Fine Arts
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Shandong folk new-year paintings of wood engraving are the essential part of Chinese folk art with higher cultural connotations, and shapes as a unique artistic style in the long-term development, which has a high artistic value and cultural study value. The new-year paintings of wood engraving in Yangjiabu and the new-year painting of dust board in Gaomi were both recognized as one of China's first batch of 518 nationalnon-material cultural heritage protection items.Relying on the existing literature material and taking field surveys as the basis, this paper is intended to explore the current situation survey of Shandong folk new-year paintings of wood engraving. On the one hand, utilizing the literature research methods, the paper gives an analysis of the existing research results, in order to find out the historical origin and development process for the new-year paintings of wood engraving in various regions of Shandong. On the other hand, by means of the field study of Shandong new-year pictures, to employ some basic research methods of cultural anthropology and sociology to obtain the firsthand information, and with reference to the relevant domestic and international non-material cultural protection measures, to use the comparative analysis methods and to propose the constructive protection measures: Firstly, focus on the status quo of investigations while combining with the foreign protection experiences, and bring forth the specific protection of heritor. To establish the specific legal measures mainly based on the identification, the rights and obligations, and the supervision for heritor. Secondly, how to conduct scientific protection of the new-year pictures and drawing board passed down.
Keywords/Search Tags:Shandong new-year paintings of wood engraving, new-year paintings of dust board, live protection, heritor
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