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The Study Of The Social Appraisal Method Of Hydraulic Construction Project

Posted on:2002-02-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H J WuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360032957110Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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the water consemp is the therastto of the deVlgh of ecOndric society. thesociat wtsal- of Mic constrUrtion PrOjeCt p1ays'an wtant gh in the feasforestUdr. fus aticle dj-scusses firstly the concghion, conent and sighficane of social-aPPralsat of construction project. ha the twteristics of the twic constructionProject differen to these of other constrUCtion Projects and the present studr sitUaionhere and abrOa are also oted. the fghly used methch In the sociat wisa1of twic construction ProjeCt are revied cmptaiVe1y and Systaticat1y, andtheir tatapes and dj-sadvanops In the process of oplication are POtheed Out. In viewof the wteristics of hawi core oplitatiVe bos In the social gnisa1 oftw1ic construction project, the fuzZY W (Ana1Ytic Hierartw Process) methed is PUtfowt ty cbowt the fuzry qPttw seleCtiOn theOry wtth the AHP, the its atheretitalfor1, wtsat PfinCiP1e nd PMdri are ed. the estab1ied of for Systereand the defAntion of ler weight, as tWh twrtat ghs of the fuzZY AHP method, are6the In detai1. At An the forry AHP atall i6 op1ied to the Taizha--Ytheiap be.In the Mess of opliCation, the atic1e cnis the beW methed wtth the twicateraItw Mess to solVe ch weight, nd cbothes the fuzry statistics wtth the bebomeed to deted boion degree of bos. tw oprattal, it can be conc1udedtw the Hrha of Taj-wt--Ythebo tw is feasMe In the rtew of society. fusaPPlication atso shOWS that the fuzZY W M is Med and reliab1e.
Keywords/Search Tags:Water conservancy, Construction project, Social appraisal, The fuzzy AHP method
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