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Research And Development Of Purchase Management System Based On The Supply Chain

Posted on:2003-10-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y H JinFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360062985067Subject:Mechanical Manufacturing and Automation
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The purchase management based on the supply chain is a new research topic of the modern enterprise management. It is means of improving the core competition. This thesis first analyzes the theory of Integrated Supply Chain Management. Then the supply chain partnership is studied. According to the important role of supplier in the chain, this thesis sets up a theory of supplier evaluation. An index system of supplier evaluation is established. On the basis of research on architecture of supply chain management, Modeling & Development of Purchase Management System Based on Enterprise Sharing Information is put forward and developed.In the first chapter, future prospects and the present research situation of purchase management on the supply chain are reviewed. Main contents and general structure scheme of this thesis are present.In the second chapter, the supply chain's definition, characteristics, types, and the structure model are present. Based on distinguishing supply chain management from the traditional management model, the new model of integrated supply chain management theory has been put forward. Advantage and condition of integer supply chain implementation is given.In the third chapter, a system model is analyzed. An organization structure is put forward. A method about DDEFO is applied to anatomy the process management and domination in supply chain plan, In addition, Just-in-time (JIT) purchasing based on order for goods management is analyzed. At the end of the chapter, an integrated implementation mode is provided.In the fourth chapter, it makes a clear classification of the supplier in integrated supply chain management The steps and the restrict factor of the establishment of the partnership is pointed out. The model of supplier evaluation and selection is followed. A more comprehensive index system of supplier evaluation is providedThe object-oriented model sharing information is established in the fifth chapter. Based on analyzing the production and management processes of enterprise, the integration technology of purchase management with supplier sharing information is researched.In the sixth chapter, system overall scheme, system function and modules are described. Then a system frame of purchases management based on supply chain is designed. At last, the interface of system frame is given.Main conclusions of this thesis and the future research have been summarized in the end.
Keywords/Search Tags:Supply Chain, Supply Chain Management, Purchase, Supply Chain partnership, System Model, Management Pattern, Architecture, System Frame
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