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Study On Land-Use Structure Changes And Evaluation Of Sustainable Land Use In Suburbs Of Large Cities

Posted on:2003-06-27Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L L ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360065462220Subject:Land Resource Management
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The suburb is a special district between rural and urban area in which the influence of urbanization and industrialization is the most striking and the contradiction of man and land is the sharpest. Forces from the country and city mix in this area and make its structure very complicated which is always changing. With the development of the social economy and urbanization the change will be more and more violent. Land resource is the base of the sustainable development of the whole district. Whether or not it is sustainable affects the realization of the district' sustainable development of social economy. To speed up the pace of urbanization and industrialization is the certain trend of China's socio-economic development. How to keep the resource base of the district's sustainable development to realize sustainable land use makes a model for other districts. Therefore, to study the driving force mechanism of land use structure change and the evaluation of sustainable land use in suburbs of large Cities are of momentous current significance.For the suburb is a new district, different learned man has different understanding about its concept and boundary. This paper first summarizes these points and analyses the characteristics of its land use. After contrasting and summarizing a vast amount of land use data of suburbs of several typical large cities, this paper reveals the general laws of land use structure changes in suburbs in the course of urbanization and points out that the sharp decrease of arable land has become the most striking characteristic. Further, this paper analyses the driving force mechanisms which lead to these changes. After analyzing the relationship between the laws of the expanse of urban area , urbanization, industrialization and the land use change of the suburbs, this paper reveals the influence that the economic development of the urban area, the transit of people and industries,the improvement of the transportation and the management system have on the land use changes in the suburbs. Finally, on the connotation of sustainable land use, this paper composes an index system of the evaluation of sustainable land use from the ecology, economy and society aspects.On the base of the theoretical analysis, this paper takes Jiangning district of Nanjing as an example to analyze the driving force mechanism and the sustainable land use evaluation. This paper uses the regression model to analyze the land use structure change quantitatively and constructs the GM(1, 1) forecast model. The result of the forecast model makes it clear that the arable land resource of JiangNing will still decrease sharply. The evaluation result makes it clear that although the land use of JiangNing has barely reached the condition of sustainable use and improved from 1995 to 2000, this improvement is at the price of the deterioration of the ecology and the sharp decrease of the arable land.On the base of the theoretical and case study, this paper put forwards some countermeasures such as the urbanization and industrialization policy, investment policy and land economic policy from the perspective of bringing new ideas into the sphere of organization, management and system etc.
Keywords/Search Tags:suburbs of large cities, land use structure changes, driving force mechanism, evaluation of sustainable land use
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