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Third-party Logistics Companies In Enhancing The Role Of Supply Chain Management Capability Analysis

Posted on:2003-04-28Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X Q JiangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360092481494Subject:Industrial Economics
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Since 1980's,outsourcing has become one of the major trends in the field of business. Manufactures and dealers pay more attention to their core resources and operation, and externalize others with the help of SCM. For instance, most of the core unit in the supply chain outsource their logistics operation to TPL enterprises, which offers ideal opportunity for the development of SCM and TPL.Nowadays, the logistics industry in China expands rapidly, and more TPL enterprises emerged. In the mean time, more manufactures and dealers intend to or have already outsourced their logistics operation. It's irreversible that TPL would be involved in SCM, which is also the development direction of logistics in China. But most of the TPL enterprises in the present market transformed from previous warehousing or transportation firms, which lack the ability of logistics function expansion. Because of the lag of idea, management methods and operation program, the integration of TPL enterprises with supply chain was not smooth, especially when it comes to the upgrading of the ability of SCM.From the perspectives of both theory and practice, this dissertation researched the specific operation and caution items of TPL enterprises in China when they help the core unit to upgrade the ability of SCM.At the beginning, this paper put forward present problems that hinder the development of TPL enterprises to optimize the operation of supply chain. For example, these problems include the looseness of the integration between TPL enterprises and the whole chain which results that the TPL enterprises simply operate at the order of the core unit; the lack of TPL enterprises' ability to offer comprehensive logistics service; the difficulty of assessing the performance of supply chain.In the theory section, this paper analysed the basic theory of TPL and SCM, and even the integration between them detailly. Besides, the theory defect of TPLand it's overcoming were also examined. So we can say this section offers theory base for the involvement of TPL enterprises to upgrade the ability of SCM.The practice section introduced the development situation of TPL in China from the angle of both industry and firm in the form of investigation and specific cases. Based on typically cases, this paper analyzed the operation and gave suggestions to TPL enterprises when they help to upgrade the ability of SCM. Then a set of KPI to appraise the performance of supply chain was advised.Finally, this paper examined the core unit's worry about TPL and the caution items of TPL enterprise. The outsourcing decision of core unit and the choice of TPL enterprise based on AHP were also included.The innovations of this paper are as follows:1. This paper combines theory with practice, points out the necessity of the integration of TPL enterprises and SCM, and gives suggestions according to the present problems.2. Detail method and a set of KPI were advanced to assess the performance of supply chain systematically.3. AHP was used to choose a competent TPL supplier by the core unit of supply chain.Theory and practice are both abundant in this paper, and I hope it can give a hand to the development of the TPL and the SCM of our country.Jiang xiaoqiang'(lndustrial economics) Directed by Luo wenping...
Keywords/Search Tags:Third Party Logistics, Supply Chain, SCM, outsourcing, Logistics Performance, AHP
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