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Study On The Model Of One-To-One Marketing In The Third Party Logistics Corporation

Posted on:2004-08-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:C LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092490891Subject:Business Administration
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As the most active and developmentally potential behavior subjects in the logistics market ,it is a stringent research subject for the Third Party Logistics Corporations (the TPL corporations) how to win the core competitiveness by the innovation of marketing management in order to resolve the bottleneck question that the marketing thinking lags behind the development of logistics market .The development and dissemination of one-to-one theory provides TPL corporation the theoretical foundation to innovate the logistics management .The construction of one-to-one marketing model which is the top strategy of Customer Relationship Management (CRM)need go through four procedures .namely analysis ,planning ,execution and control .The feasibility analysis and market analysis is the basis and prerequisite of constructing the one-to-one marketing model in the TPL corporations ,on the other hand ,the design ,execution ,control and evaluation of model ,which is all linked with one another and undivided ,comprise the core segments of whole framework.The substance of constructing one to one marketing model in the TPL corporations is Business Process Reengineering (BPR) which concerns some vitals questions ,such as the corporation structure ,culture ,logistics resources chain ,logistics information management ,and so on .Some theories , eg. one-to-one marketing ,4Rs marketing and supply chain integration ,supply a great deal of inspiration to the construction of model.With the guidance of such theories and rules mentioned above ,the one-to-one marketing model that is designed in this paper can be summarized as follows :The clienteles is its center ,the one-to-one work team is its soul ,and the logistics resources chain is its tools to serve clienteles .On the basis of satisfying the clienteles' decision variables (4Cs) ,the corporation makes its marketing decision by the two-waycommunication with the clienteles ,pays attention to maintain and exploit the clienteles ,and supplies clienteles the systematized and personalized logistics service.By executing one-to-one marketing ,the TPL corporations can win the competitive advantage on productivity and value so that they become the market leaders which take advantage in the respects of cost and service quality.Through making unremitting effort,some native TPL corporation,.eg. Guangzhou Baogong Logistics Group , have prepared requisition for applying the one-to-one marketing theory to their operation in the respects of corporation management,logistics information technology ,corporation culture and so forth.
Keywords/Search Tags:The Third Party Logistics, One-to-One Marketing, Clientele, One-to-One Work Team, Logistics Resources Chain
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