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Analysis Of The Potentiality Of Village Land Readjustment

Posted on:2004-10-29Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y X SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092495142Subject:Human Geography
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In China's land use practice, land readjustment has contributed a lot in realizing the rational disposition of land resource and in improving the land use efficiency and the ecological environment. Meanwhile, land readjustment has caught increasingly concern within land use literature. Regarding land readjustment, one of the essential contents should be the potentiality of land readjustment, upon which land arrangement plan can be plotted. However, so far as the theoretical and empirical researches in China's mainland, few discuss on the connotation and evaluation methodology of land readjustment potentiality. And there are many differences between different countries on land readjustment potentiality. Taking Hechuan city in Chongqing as a case and based on the village land use conditions and problems, the paper analyzes the potentiality of village land readjustment during the accelerating of village economy. And it gives some thoughts on the connotion, the target framework of evaluation, evaluation methodology and guides for village land readjustment. The paper is expected to shed new light on relevant researches. This paper is divided into five parts:Part one:The land readjustment and the village land readjustment.This part is the basis for the potentiality research of village land readjustment. In theory, it gives some experience through analyzing thedevelopment and problems of the land readjustment. And, in introduces the the conditions and problems of the village land use.Part two:The analysis of the potentiality connotation of village land readjustment. The potentiality connotation is the soul of village land readjustment. The village land readjustment potentiality can be defined in four respects as increasing useable land area, improving land value, advancing ecological environment, bettering village settlement.Part three:The evaluation framework of the potentiality of village land readjustment. This part sets up the evaluation framework of the potentiality of village land readjustment on the basis of the Force-State-Response model.Part four:The analysis of the potential evaluation of village land readjustment in Hechuan city. This part puts the evaluation framework in practise of village land readjustment potentiality in Hechuan city.Part five:The thoughts on difficulties and strategies of village land readjustment. The village land readjustment is a complicated problem. There are many difficuties in realizing the potentiality. So the author gives some strategies in the face of these difficuties in this part.
Keywords/Search Tags:Urbanization, The Potential Of Village Land Read justment, Village Settlement, The Force-State-Response model, The Analytic Hierarchy Process
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