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Study On The Transportation Enterprises' Strategy Of Third Party Logistics

Posted on:2003-06-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X P ChenFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092497607Subject:Transportation planning and management
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The 21th century is an age of knowledge economy and information. Regarding as a dominant industry in country industry, logistics are being highly concerned and vigorously supported. Logistics developing speed directly effects the growth rate of Nation Economy, and effects the improvement of people's living standard.With the popularity of logistics concept in China, the understanding of logistics is being deepened, and the enthusiasm and initiative for developing logistics by all kinds of enterprises and governments are enhanced constantly too. However, owing to the differences between China and the developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan, etc, it is hard to get satisfied result by copying others' experience and models mechanically. So it is important to digest, improve and absorb the achievement of foreign logistics theories and practices, master the general mechanism of logistics industry. Besides, in accordance with the reality of China, it is necessary to develop some feasible logistic management and operational methods as guidelines for China' logistics industry. It is obvious that logistics has great impact on traditionl transportation industry. Because of the increase in customer demands and the intension of market competition, the situation of transportation enterprises is getting serious and becoming the key factor to restrict the enterprises'development. At this moment, some domestic and foreign transportation companies are seeking for their own ways to develop TPL services, and it has come out lots of successful examples such as Maersk and Sinotrans and also some failure ones.It shows that ,being an important role in logistics actions, the transportation companies have great advantages in TPL developments, which can not be replaced by other companies. But there are still hard tasks for them to reengineer their business completely and offer full-rang and integrative TPL services . In this contexr the paper summarizes the general TPL strategy of the transportation companies based on further theoretical analysis.This paper is divided into six chapters. First, the writer will introduce the task'sbackground. Then, based on the exploration of the implication of logistics, the basic characteristics of modern logistics are summed up. Then by comparing the logistics industry development in China with other countries, some gaps and the relevant reasons are pointed out. Secondly, the application of "trilateral law" of transaction coordination in the field of logistics is third party logistics (TPL). Also, the mechanism of TPY development is probed through the core competitiveness theory.. Finally, in accordance with the reality of China, the paper points out the way and strategy of the third party logistics (TPL).
Keywords/Search Tags:Logistics, Third Party Logistics, Transportation Enterprise, Strategy
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