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E-commerce Enterprise Logistics Strategy Study

Posted on:2004-08-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360095963001Subject:Business management
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While E-commerce is sweeping the world, it is a reasonable idea that E-commerce will become the main commercial model in the new century. Firstly, the developing motivations of E-commerce, such as personalization and convenience are analyzed in the paper as well as the influence to the traditional physical distribution resulted from the changes of ideas and behavior of the consumers and enterprises. Based on this consideration, the flaw of function and the challenge to traditional physical distribution are drawn when it is come to the era of E-commerce. Secondly the importance and the characters of information technology are addressed according to the logistics for E-commerce, it is easy to reach the point that the strategy of logistics has to be converted from the traditional independent and sealed competition model to the co-operation and co-exist strategy alliance. For the same reason the goal of logistics must be tailored for E-commerce from enforcing the limited functions to providing around qualitative services to consumer.In addition of the analysis above, the construction of E-commerce logistics is studied and explored, including the relevant information technology and business policies to realize the new logistic functions. For the advanced logistics efficiency of inter-companies and inter- department for the management information system must be established, which is the platform of exact and efficient communication. Through launching co-distribution planning system to enhance the information quality and the efficiency of transference is the way to make the decision scientific. It is national to say that logistics information reading technologies and transition models for the enhancing logistics efficiency traditional business process and construction of inter-companies and inter-departments also have to be tailored. The re-engineering of logistics business and the policies of ordering, inventory, distribution and the third party logistics are studied intensively. In order to overcome the obstacles among logistics at present through innovation and re-engineering as well as to satisfy the need of E-commerce through efficient and effective logistic. Through certain businesspolicies and information technologies the modern logistics structure and communicative model are optimized as to enhance the logistics efficiency for the realization of every logistics function.Of course, it is unreasonable to suspect that the logistic constructed according to the rules above is perfected. During the developing proceed of E-commerce. A certain regulated system should be worked effectively to find and deal with problems in order to optimize the running logistics system. What is more as the business and technology is advancing forward fast there will be some new problems rising from regulation business so the importance of relevant management system is very obvious. Among the regulation task of management there are two focus problems, which must be deal with effectively, maintaining the logistic information system running efficiently. Dealing with the tasks effectively is not only the pre-requisition of the steady running of logistic for E-commerce, but also the key to perfecting the logistics at present.The development trend of EC logistics was analyzed in the last chapter and a few suggestions for the development of EC logistics was introduced as well. Such as making people realize the importance of the EC logistics and set up some relevant subjects on the logistics theory and knowledge.
Keywords/Search Tags:E-commerce, logistics, Third Party Logistics, Supply Chain Management
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