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The Study On The Key Factors Of The Third-Party Logistics Enterprises' Success And Defeat Of China

Posted on:2004-01-19Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L T YanFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360092497888Subject:Traffic and Transportation Engineering
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The Third-Party Logistics is a new logistics form, which present itself in the developing process of logistics theory and practice. It is an inevitable outcome of logistics specialization and integration, with the development of economy globalization and the new markets, more and more companies tend to identify with and use the services supplied by the Third-Party Logistics. After more than ten years' development, the Third-Party Logistics markets markedly have presented the characteristics with high potential, gradual development and high increment speed. Based on the forecasts of specialists, the Third-Party Logistics will be the mainlogistics form in 21 century.At present, the development of logistics in our country is becoming quicker and quicker. The investment that the logistics attracts is larger and larger; especially the development of the Third-Party Logistics makes more investors have higher passion. However, as time goes on, a lot of investors of the Third-Party Logistics find that it's difficult to expand market, the investment repayment is slow, and even they suffer from the innumerable loss. So they have to quit it or come back to the traditional transport service again.Confronted with these difficulties, many people doubt that whether china can develop the Third-Party Logistics to better, how to develop it and where the key factors on success or defeat of the Third-Party Logistics are from. This paper takes the Third-Party Logistics as the main point. Based on the describe about theories, it emphasizes on operation ways from three parts: the rise and development of the Third-Party Logistics, the analysis on the success or defeat of the Third-Party Logistics enterprise and its key factors. At last this paper takes the practice of Shenzhen xinke anda Logistics Co;Ltd for an example.In this paper, the author has worked on the following points:1. Systemically describe basic theories about the Third-Party Logistics, including defining the Third-Party Logistics, analyzing its background and value andcomparing between the Third-Party Logistics and the traditional logistics.2. Thoroughly analyze the success or defeat of the Third-Party Logistics, including analyzing the typical successful logistics enterprises and the typical unsuccessful logistics enterprises.3. Take the practice of Shenzhen xinke anda logistics Co;Ltd for an example, and discuss the key factors on success or defeat of the Third-Party Logistics enterprises, (including 8 parts)4.Finally, expatiate on the approach of the Third-Party Logistics enterprises to success in China.From these, the author drew the conclusions and suggestions as following:1. As the supply-chain organizer, the Third-Party Logistics should take on the responsibility of synthesize logistics management and provide the wholly, specialization, integrative services.2. The Third-Party Logistics enterprises should look for more future, enhance ally and reform and gradually develop themselves in fostering the logistics market.3. Without a good information system, the Third-Party Logistics cannot operate successfully. The Third-Party Logistics enterprises should quicken business administration and services innovation, thus acclimatize themselves to the government policy regulation and the macro-circumstance of WTO.
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