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The Research Of Performance Management Based On Building Learning Organization

Posted on:2004-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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The research of learning organization has been raised since Peter. Senge finished the book The Fifth Discipline: The Art and Practice of Learning Organization with his research result in 1990. The learning organization can fit the request of knowledge economic ear and respond the change of market and circumstances quickly, which is a organization mode having high flexibility, thin and flat, coincidence human nature and developing continuous.Now there are few articles related to internal management of learning organization when a enterprise build the learning organization. Much research is how to build a learning organization. Therefore, this article researches the performance management of learning organization base on the theory of learning organization and performance management.The course of building learning organization will spend long time, which need people change their mental models gradually, develop their team learning continuous, persist personal mastery and built shared vision guiding by system thinking. Accordingly, this article builds the models of learning organization developing, which is divided three courses. This article analyzes the feature of each course so that the firm can carry out their internal management properly.The possible innovation of this article is as follow.1. The model of performance affect factor of learning organization has been built. The article put forward that themain factors affecting performance are shared vision, organization function, ability adapting circumstances and organization learning. The result has expounded and proved by cause and effect cycle chart.2. The ring model of performance management of learning organization has been built creatively. In the performance management courses, the system is core and shared vision, personal mastery, team learning and mental model act on it as external force. They will affect the effective of performance management. Therefore, the performance will be effective by using different methods according different courses of learning organization. This article attaches importance to theory and practice meanwhile theory research and do its best to solve reality problem. Therefore, in the chapter 6 of this article, the case of learning organization and performance management in writer's firm has been analyzed and propose has been put forward. At the same time, the method of system thinking has been clarified by case analysis, which is using system archetype analyzes complex problems and find out nature through phenomenon. Then the course and entirety of thing can be understood...
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