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The Security Situation And Sino-U.S. Relation In Asian-Pacific Region In The Early 21~(st) Century

Posted on:2004-10-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2156360095955919Subject:Political Theory
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The Asia-Pacific region has become one of the most important strategic regions in the world, especially the East Asia (namely, northeast and southeast Asia) where locates some great powers of the world, such as Japan, Russia, China and the so-called "Asian four dragons", the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), and the United States which belongs to them not because of its physical geography but of its important relations with the very region. It's the density of the great powers in this region that makes the security situation here so complicated and deteriorated.The United States, as the most powerful country in the world, has extremely important strategic benefits and significance in the Asia-Pacific region, not only in the aspects of politics and economy, but also in that of military and safety. Therefore, the strategic position of the East Asia is extraordinarily important in America' s security strategy constitution. China, as a regional power with global influence, centers its security rights and interests in perimeter areas, mostly in the East Asia. Then it goes without saying that the relationship between China and the America is the decisive factor in the defence of the regional security.The United States is trying to make full use of all means to dominate the world with its super national strength. For the U.S., the fundamental strategic demand in the Asia-Pacific region is to ensure its predominance in military, politics and economy. Since George W Bush came to power, the US foreign policy and national strategy have changed obviously compared with the period of Clinton. Today, the East Asia Strategy of the U.S. places more emphasis on deferring China's development so as to maintain and reinforce its leadership.From the object and basic content of the Asia-Pacific Strategy of the U.S., we can conclude that China has a twofold meaning to the U.S. On one hand, China is regarded as an indispensable role to keep the regional security and importantcollaborative partner when dealing with many significant global problems. However, on the other hand, since there are so many unavoidable conflicts between China and the U.S., the former is regarded as a potential rival and major threat, because of which the U.S. take such measures as diversion and balance to prevent China growing into a realistic challenge.The Taiwan Problem is the most crucial and sensitive problem in the Sino-U.S. relation. As to the Chinese government, it concerns the matters of sovereignty on which there is no concession and compromise in principle. As to the American counterpart, Taiwan is considered as an "unsinkable aircraft carrier" in the Far East. However, no matter how important strategic and economic interests the U.S. has in Taiwan, it has more limited impact on the benefits of the U.S, compared with the role of China in the Asia-Pacific strategy of the U.S.The direct effect of the "9.11" accident is that anti-terrorism and expansion prevention becomes the most important object in the internal and diplomatic affairs of the U.S. The subsequent National Security Strategy of the United States manifests its global hegemonic intent and measures. And at the same time, it no longer esteems China as " a strategic competition opponent", but "to pursuit constructive relationship with China" which provides new basis for the cooperation of the two parties.The Sino-U.S. relation is also one of the most important relationships of China's foreign relations. Only better should the Sino-U.S. relations become but not worse. If China and the U.S. got well along with each other, there would be an ideal relationship of "win-win".In a word, facing the intricate international situation of the beginning of the 21st century, China should seek the mutual interest to establish a constructive relationship between China and the United States. More importantly, we should focus on the Asia-Pacific region, reinforce the good relations with neighborhood countries and create a prolonged stable and peaceful international environm...
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