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The Adjustment Of Obama 's "Asia - Pacific Re - Balance" Strategy And China' S Response

Posted on:2016-02-15Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2176330452968708Subject:International relations
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Just as Obama’s “Asia-Pacific rebalancing” strategy in his first term or strategicadjustment in his second. After competitive political games, the Democratic Partyassumed power and re-deployed USA’s Diplomacies to distinguish them from those ofthe Republican Party.In addition, withdrawals from Afghanistan and Middle East, the reduction ofmilitary budgets, withdrawal its military forces from the quagmire of Middle East arealso effective ways, for the Democratic Party to shift USA’s strategic center of gravityand live up to its slogan “change the direction of America”.However, due to the different political parties’ mutual competition in USA, thevarieties of requirements from parties, the limited domestic political resources, which inturn, could influence the concrete implementation of the USA’s Asia-Pacific Policy andcreate unexpected impact on the USA’s policies in Asia-Pacific region. Therefore,China, as the largest developing country in the world, should seize the opportunity andmake full use of its giant influence in Asia-Pacific region to promote the benigninteraction and achieve the result of win-win template between the United States andChina.
Keywords/Search Tags:Asia-Pacific rebalancing, American presidential election, diplomaciesof the United States, Sino-U.S. relation
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