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America 's "Asia - Pacific Re - Balance" Strategy And China' S Countermeasures In The New Situation

Posted on:2017-01-20Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206330503476256Subject:International relations
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The Obama administration’s “Rebalance to Asia-Pacific” involves a series of new Asia-Pacific economic strategies, with Trans Pacific Partnership as the keynote. With that, the U.S. competes for the power for making the new rules of trade and investment, while playing down the importance of China’s proposals such as “Belt and Road” and AIIB. It is safe to say that U.S. with its “Pivot to Asia” ambition has already and will continue to make remarkable jitters with China’s interests,Sino-American ties and Asian geopolitical and economic configuration.Driven by “Pivot to Asia”, the U.S. launches comprehensive and hierarchical diplomatic measures targeting at nations and regions adjacent to China. This essay believes that the U.S. strategies are composed of economic, political, military elements. With the U.S.’ strong intervention in regional affairs, the world witnesses constant Simo-American game which will impact China remarkably.This essay will put emphasis upon study of the U.S. strategies’ components, key connotations and targets, analyzing its implications upon Asia-Pacific configuration and China’s concerns. Also this essay will study China’s new economic role and position as well as Sino-American cooperation and Asia-Pacific integration, so as to propose relevant strategies dominated by economic and diplomatic measures for China to cope with “Rebalance to Asia-Pacific”.This essay also seeks to offer observations and perspectives on the momentum of the U.S.’ new strategies and Sino-American game, through the historical view of China and U.S.’ cultural roots and their evolution, and the broad horizon of Asia-Pacific configuration’s development.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rebalance to Asia-Pacific, Sino-American Ties, Belt and Road, Economic Diplomacy
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