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Research And Evaluation On The Land Resource Utilization Of The Small Towns

Posted on:2004-07-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:G C WangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360095956734Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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The Central Committee of the CPC and State Council have set the reform and development of the rural area as the main task at present and in a long time to come, pointing out that the development of the small towns is a major strategy to stimulate the rural economical and social development and an important way to deepen the cause of urbanization. At the same time, it is pointed out that the small towns should pay attention to the layout, programme, infrastructural construction, the economization of land use and environmental protection. Nowadays, the development of the small towns is taking shape, reaching the number of 50,000. But because of the extensive development of the small towns, the intensive role is not obvious, the efficiency of land use is low and there are a lot of problems in the land use. The study of the use of land resources and its reasonable appraise plays a positive and important role in pushing forward the development of the small towns. This paper employs the method of the combination of qualitative and quantitative analysis, theoretical exploration and substantial study. On the basis of the study of the theory and appraise method on land use in the small towns from home and abroad, this paper at first conducts a deep study on the development and role of the small towns, indicating that its development has sawn an uneven development phrase and becomes a carrier of the enterprises, a pool of surplus laborers, a hub of material exchanges between the rural and urban areas, a base of spiritual civilization, an important way to achieve urbanization. Second, it conducts a study on the situation and features and the problems the land use, indicating that the efficiency of the land use is low, which has a direct influence on the development of agriculture and the role of the small towns. And the study of the demand of the land indicates the shortage of land is serious, and the small town must rationally use the land and increases its intensive role and the economical efficiency to meet the demand. Finally, this paper employs the method of Delphi, descriptive statistical analysis, multiple statistical analysis and AHP of the systematic analysis etc, conducts the analysis from structure, the economical efficiency, environmental efficiency and social efficiency, establishing the system of appraise norm, on the basis of factor appraise, establishing a model of comprehensive appraise. This paper selects Tongjing Town in Chongqing to conduct initial analysis and factor appraise from the two aspects as the quality and the quantity and structure of landresources and offers corresponding advice.
Keywords/Search Tags:Small towns, Land resource utilization, The system of appraise norm, Urbanization
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