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The Studying Of Urban Land Intensively Utilizing Appraise

Posted on:2006-03-31Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Q ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360155952008Subject:Physical geography
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The Studying of Urban Land Intensively Utilizing Appraise —Take the City and County in Hebei Province as ExampleAt present our country is entering urbanization stage of accelerated development, city development and every construction land are being expanded rapidly, but it appeared the extensive phenomenon in urban land utilization, and aggravated the contradiction of land and people. Launching the appraise of urban land intensively utilization, and constantly improving the utilization efficiency of urban land, can promote rational distribution and rational utilization of the urban land resource, transform epitaxy expand to the combination of epitaxy expand and latent power expand, take the sustainable development road.In the basis of drawing the relevant theory and research approach both at home and abroad, this text put forward the concept and intension of macroscopical urban land intensively utilization, From the angle of influencing factor, it construct a index system and reasonable value standard of three project ,which suit in lots of cities in a regional range.Take 143 cities and counties in Hebei province as the research object to launch appraise of urban land intensively utilization suiting in a lot of cities in the range of province. From the current situation of urban land utilization in Hebei province, the text select fifteen index of three layer, adopting the factor comparative law to confirm index weight, the different kinds of cities select different rational value, get the intensive value of urban land utilization through the quantitative analysis of the index in Hebei province, divide into four ranks, and put forward some suggestions to improve urban land intensive utilization.This text tried in several following respects: (1)from the macroscopical aspect, define the concept and intention of urban land intensively utilizing appraise; ?structure the evaluation index system to urban land intensive utilization, it suit a lot of cities in regional range ; (3)the different kinds of cities adopt the same index and different rational value, it reflect the regional difference of different kings of cities, offer basis of controlling land market and economizing and intensively utilizing land resources.
Keywords/Search Tags:the Appraise of Urban Land Intensive Utilization, Index System, the rational value, Hebei Province
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