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Study On Land Utilization In The Process Of Urbanization In China

Posted on:2005-04-26Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360125459103Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Urbanization is inevitable trend for agriculture industrialization and modernization of rural economy. 16th National Congress of Chinese Communist Party makes building a well-off society in an all-round way as the target and quickening urbanization progress as the important mission. Urbanization can take radical changes of economic relationships, drive great changes of land utilization in urban and rural region, and cause a series of problems such as harmonious development of urban and rural area. Urbanization relies on land utilization. Land plays an important role in the progress of urbanization. Adjustment of industrial structure, population gathering and foundation facilities construction are madden into realities through reallocation of land resources. It has important realistic meaning to build land utilization system with reasonable structure, complementing function each other and maximization of comprehensive benefit through efficient and intensive land utilization.The author studies on the utilization under the macroscopic background of quick urbanization in China. In the process of urbanization, changes of population structure, industrial structure, social structure take place not only in the city but also in the village. Currently, there are many problems in land utilization which restrict the development of urbanization. Therefore, the author wants to discover existing problems, find out the law of dynamic changes, analyze affecting factors and probe countermeasures and ways to prohibit the behaviors of short-term utilization and blind development in land utilization in the process of urbanization. Through reform of land use system, especially rural land use system, the author wants to bring forth new ideas in land use system and build efficient land transferring system. It is the essential problem to study in this paper to analyzing potential ability of urban land use, certain reasonable land use scale, build scientific urban land use evaluation system, analyzing land use benefit and promote the process of urbanization.Based on the above thoughts, the author writes the paper, "Studies on Land Utilization Issues in the Process of Urbanization in China". Main contents of this thesis are as follows:1 .Expound great significance of research on land use in the quick developing phase of urbanization, analyze deeply and systematically the macroscopic background of land utilization, including background of the basic national conditions, history, policy and system.2.Define the connotation of urbanization, summarize the basic characteristics and developing phase, analyze the movement mechanism of urbanization objectively. According to urban development in the world and the basic state of land resources in China, we select the road of urbanization with Chinese characteristics.3.Find out existing and probably presenting problems, analyze factors that affect land utilization in the process of urbanization.4.Analyzing the different mode of influence of urbanization on land use and the law of land use changes in the process of urbanization.5.Determine urban land use scales in the process of urbanization, analyze potential ability and present condition of urban land use.6.Putting forward the countermeasures of land utilization in the process of urbanization.
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