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China's Enter For WTO And Transformation Of Government's Function

Posted on:2004-09-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:H L XiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360095961830Subject:Administrative Management
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China's entry into the World Trade Organization (WTO) will have a great effect on our society, politics, economy and people's life in many aspects, especially on the government function transformation. However, neither the Chinese government functional orientation nor the way of management can adapt to the requirements of the regulations of the WTO. Consequently, it makes the research on the transformation of Chinese government function very realistial and theoretial.The paper contains three parts, and applies some basic principles and manners of Marxism management science, administration science and economics to analyze the transformation of government function theoretically after china's entry into the WTO.The first part of paper is the basis of the discussion. It makes a deep definition to the five aspects basic regulations of the WTO and the meaning of the functional transformation, and analyses macroscophically somecommon theoretical questions about the governmental function transformation in accordance with the regulations of the WTO.In the second part, the paper researches and expounds the specific requirements for the transformation in five respects after joining in the WTO, namely, the requirements for the government adjustment and control of the macroeconomy; the requirements for the market regulations; the requirements for the pattern of managing economy; the requirements for the environment of market competitions; the requirements for the social ensurance system.At the beginning of the third part, the paper proposes the orientation to which the government tranform after the country joins in the WTO. That is to say that the government can regulate its country macroscophically through re-constructuring itself. Next, the government should put the marketregulations in order and establish a united, just and impartial law system. Third, the government should readjust the way of management and strengthen the supervision and management, and the reformation of administrative examination and approval system. Forth, the finite government enforces administration and law strictly, therefore to construct a united, opening and fair environment for market competitions. The last one, it perfect social ensurance system and build up a protective screen of the economic development.One of the innovation of this paper is that the choice of the topic is fresh. Honestly say, this topic about China's entry into the WTO and transformation of government function has being a focus among the theoretician field and all professions, and there have many achievements on this topic. However, it does make some theoretical values because it explores this issue systematically and profoundly from the prospect of the entry into the WTO and the government functional transformation. The other one is that, to some extent, the research conclusion and proposition is creative and practical.
Keywords/Search Tags:Entry into the WTO, Governmental Function, Transformation of government function.
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