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The Empirical Study On Land Conversion In Various Economic Growth Periods Of Jiangsu Province

Posted on:2005-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:D L XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122993185Subject:Land Resource Management
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Land conversion is a necessary process in the economic development of society. The process of land conversion embodies objective demand of population growth, economic development and urbanization, as well as the mulriple budgets such as resource endowment, econogical environment and food security. Therefore, it is necessary to study the process and universal law of land conversion in various economic development and various region.This thesis takes the process of economic growth and land conversion as a case study of Jiangsu province in rencent 20 years. On the basis of theory of modern economics, it constitutes a theoretical framework to explore the reason and trend of land conversion in various economic development periods.Firstly, reviewing on the theory of economic growth period, the thesis compartmentalizes the process of economic growth of Jiangsu province in recent 20 years into four periods. Based on the collected data of land use, it analyses the basical laws of land use structure change in various economic growth periods and puts forward the major factors of land use change.Secondly, the thesis defines land conversion and analyses the process, major ways as well as participators based on the former reserch fruits. It also builds the two-dimensioned analyse framework of land conversion on the view of demand driving forces and supply driving forces on the basis of land use equilibrium analyse.Thirdly, the law of agricultural land, farmland and farm crops land areas change of Jiangsu province in recent 20 years is discussed on data analysis. Comparation of various land use results in various periods is made. The thesis tries to discover the amount and structure character of land conversion on the differentia analysis of industry structure and urbanization. It uses Cobb-Douglas production function to estimate the contribution rate of land conversion in economic growth and use enviroment Kuznets curve to explain the affection of land conversion induced by the upgrade of industry structure. It also forecastes the land conversion rate of Jiangsu Province in future 8 years on the date of conversionland and urbanization from 1989 to 2002.On the foundation of above-mentioned research, the thesis brings forward several policy suggestions to harmonize the relationship between rapid economic growth and conservation of agricultural land resources. The suggetions consist of pushing the process of land conversion prudentially, regulating administrative action of land expropriation, distributing the benefits of land conversion reasonablly and attaching importance to land use planning.
Keywords/Search Tags:Jiangsu province, economic growth, land conversion, driving forces, land expropriation, benefits distribution
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