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Comparative Research On Land Conversion Of Jiangsu Province

Posted on:2005-07-25Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L ZangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360122493185Subject:Land Resource Management
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Land conversion is a necessary phenomenon during the economic growth process. Because of the externality of land use, land conversion must be under the control of government. Therefore the government must master the regulations and the problems of land conversion. Firstly, this paper comprehensively analyzs the evolvement of regional differences of Land conversion and the regional land utilization level of urban in Jiangsu province. Secondly, the further research tries to find the key factors which have taken great affect on the regional differences of Land conversion in Jiangsu province. At last the paper gives some conclusions and some advices.In the first chapter, the background, research content, paper structure and research method are introduced. After that we also review the literature about Land conversion in China and abroad. At the end of the chapter, the possible advantages and shortcomings are given.Secondly, the chapter introduces the concept, essential and approaches of Land conversion, and then analyzes disparities in quantity and use aspect of regional land conversion. Viewed on the quantity of land conversion, southern Jiangsu is higher than middle Jiangsu and northern Jiangsu. Viewed on the use aspect of Land conversion, southern Jiangsu mainly use it as urban use, industry use, transportation use, middle Jiangsu mainly use it as urban use, peasant housing use and transportation use, northern Jiangsu mainly use it as water conservancy land use.Thirdly, the chapter compares the differences of land utilization level in the urban land scale, small-sized town, and township enterprises of Jiangsu. Then this apper analyzes the characters of the differences and the reasons that caused differences. As far as the urban land scale is concerned, the flexibility of increase in southern Jiangsu and middle Jiangsu is higher than that in northern Jiangsu. As far as the small-sized town scale is concerned, the scale of middle Jiangsu and northern Jiangsu is lower than the average of Jiangsu province.Fourthly, the chapter analyzes the factors of Land conversion and then verifies the factors of disparities during regional land conversion. Regarding the quantity of land conversion as a dependent variable and economic development, urbanization, population growth, difference of land use benefit between agriculture and non-agriculture, the arable land resources endowment as independent variables, the author examines the contribution of each independent variable to the land conversion by using the single factor analysis. Based on case study, the thesis concludes that the factors of economical development, urbanization, difference of land use benefit between agriculture and non- agriculture, the arable land resources endowment have made the main disparities of regional land conversion in Jiangsu Province.Finally, the paper gives some suggestions based on the above conclusion in order to advance the regional coordination development of Jiangsu province.
Keywords/Search Tags:land conversion, intensive land utilization level, regional comparison, affecting factors
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