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In Aluminum Stock Company To Build A Modern Logistics Management Mode

Posted on:2005-06-02Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2206360122996878Subject:Business Administration
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Aluminium Corporation of China Ltd is a state owned company after aluminium industry enterprises reorganized , due to improvement of the technology , management and vigorous demand of the market, the production scope keeps extending, especially it's main product alumina which output is increase in every year and the it's costs keeps decrease, however the margin of the costs decreased is more less , facing the sharp competition of the industry, we feel the huge pressure.Through analysis of present situation of internal logistics, combining present developing situation and trends of external logistics, learning from the advanced managing experience of domestic and foreign enterprises, using modern theory of logistics management, this paper forms the mold of logistics management in the company from many aspects and chooses the third party logistics model between self-operated logistics and third party logistics. This paper determines to realize the internal logistics integration at first in aspect of logistics strategy, then broaden logistics to phase of combining customers and suppliers step by step, and at last realize developing strategy of supplying chain management by extension of external logistics integration, realize integration of logistics organization in phase of structure set-up; a information system with high starting point to cooperate course of Henan Branch's information in respect of information system; realize centralized purchasing and distributing, primary storage and planned transportation in respects of purchasing, storage, distribution and transportation. This paper also inquires into execution tactics of logistics management including reasonable layout of production and logistics installation, spreading and using advanced logistics technology, strengthening and deepening logistics management, improving logistics' information system, strengthening introduction and training of bright people, innovating inmanagement and technology and logistics reformation. Purpose of this paper is placed on, by logistics, reducing producing cost, increasing benefit, improving management quality and competitive ability of enterprises.
Keywords/Search Tags:Mold of logistics management, Internal logistics integration, Logistics strategy, Supplying chain management
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