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The Analysis Of A Theorical Frame Of Government Cost And The Research On Its Control

Posted on:2005-05-21Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:L M SuoFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125953161Subject:Industrial Economics
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The economics theory thinks that as an ideal government, it should seek the maximization of the social welfare as its goal. Standardize government function by it and make great efforts and fulfil function goal of reaching with minimum cost. However, the reality of government, does not run under the ideal mode. Often shown as huge organization, fuzzy goal, the behavior with poor efficiency , expensive cost, which has caused damage to the stability of health running and society of a national economy. Relativelying impel our thinking of government cost(GC) from two respects deficiently of running in poor efficiency of our government and expensive turning round and theoretical research, Calling structuring and innovating in theory of GC at the same time .This text from using the analytical methods of economics to propose the definition, division, and study their decisive factor, optimum to control etc. The article divides into four parts. First of all, review the research current situation of the GC, and point out its insufficiency, and the research object梘overnment has done the argumentation of the standardizing nature. Then, have re-recognized the government function梩he relation between government and market is the relative, concrete and dynamic one, the border between government and market is determined by the restraint of some variables. Combining government function with resource distribution analyse, form at government composition who function divide and'level distribute two pieces of analysis link degree, pointed out particularity, goal, content that our government function changes . The third part is a subject of the article, explain the author' s view in detail . In this part, based on government function government proposition who cost defines, regard government function as logic divide governmentwait by the levels of cost by starting point, influencing the inside and outside factor of the GC and the influencing mechanism, effect degree, etc. At last, in before that documents expound the fact foundation at, author thinks that "low cost government " should become the goal of our GC control,corresponsively, puting forward the foundation and means controlled correspondingly .This text offers a comparatively intact theory frame for research of the GC. Unless it take sounds combine, it analyse levels , inside and outside classify ect to orgnize this article; run through during the analysis of the questions, such as government function, GC, government scale and border of the government and market,etc. with the relative, dynamic and concrete thought. Regarding government as the goals of reform GC, offering a good tool for studying government performance, government scale,etc., having expanded the visual angle of studying this question, ones that help economic research and real example to be analysed deepen further.In reality, it can help people to know the behavior of the government, improve the cost consciousness of the government, favorable to the control to the GC.
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