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The Research Of Public Service Ability Promotion For Local Government, Take Kunshan As A Sample

Posted on:2011-06-01Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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GTID:2166330332966221Subject:Public Management
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Public service ability is the main content of government ability, because of the promotion and development of public service not only depends upon the consummation of some aspect ability to be able to realize,but also be restrained many kinds of factors. Is unceasingly through along with the reform in the recent 30 years, the principal part of the market obtains cultivation, and the market mechanism establishes basically, what is more, the financial reform has the breakthrough, for this reason, it has laid the material base for the ability promotion of public service. Specially the aim construction of Public service oriented government which officially proposed on Communist Party of China's 17 National People's Congress, it is pointed out explicitly on the congress that must strengthen and develop the public service function, therefore, it is precisely the starting point and result of this article that how to sharpen public service ability for local government and how to propose policy suggestion that speeds up local government reforming fairly and efficiently.This article is combined with the related thought of scientific development concept, the new public service theory, governance and the public product theory. Additionally, the article takes the reformation and the openning-up which Kunshan carried on the analysis as the sample, in the parsing process, using the theory of peduncle Boott"to vote the theory with the foot", the transaction cost theory, the fair theory and so on several kind of theoretical analysis tool, according to four logic ways to organize the full text that"what is it","what kind of","why","should be the kind of". Firstly, this article not only carries on the limits to the public services ability, moreover carried on brief combing to both of domestic and foreign correlation theories and research situation. Secondly, in the foundation of theoretical analysis and the experience reference, it takes Kunshan Municipal government as the sample that how to promote the public service ability, meanwhile summarizes its success and analyzes its extant problem and deficiency. Consequently, the sample of Kunshan represented public service present situation for China local government. Thirdly, it has analyzed the promotion driving influence and the hindrance factor of the public service ability when takes Kunshan as a sample. Finally, take reference of the procedures in Western developed countries, especially for US and Australia and etc, also take reference of the procedures in domestic local government in China, such as Hong Kong, Taiwan, Nanjing and so on, it is proposed the policy suggestion for public service ability promotion from Kunshan government. Furthermore, it is carried forecast to the public service ability promotion.
Keywords/Search Tags:Local government, Public service, Public service ability, Public service oriented government, Government function
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