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Study On Eco-Industrial Of Chengdu' S HI-Tech Industrial Development Western Zone

Posted on:2005-01-16Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:X ChengFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125953333Subject:Environmental Engineering
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The progress of industry brings people more products and better life, at the same time, leads to more and more environmental problems. The eco-industry theory appears in order to solving the contradiction of industry system and environment.Eco-industry keeps to cyclic economics and industrial ecology, industrial system is regarded as the subsystem of ecological system. Carry out clean production inside the corporation so as to cyclically utilize substance and energy; make a chain of eoo-industry between corporations similar to food chain making use of the waste and energy. All this methods can help to make the discharge amount of industrial system decrease, the availability of substance and energy in industrial system increase, thereby it guarantee industry system a sustaining development, and it terminate the contradiction of the industrial system and environment radically.At present, the upsurge of eco-industry construction has started in the world, our country do many experiments to get it. But eco-industry is rising, There are many deficiencies such as the singleness of construction mode and plan. Based on this point, the thesis introduce the background eco-industry appears, and expound the study actuality of domestic and overseas eco-industry, indicate that the appropriate measure for Hi-Tech Zone's eco-industry construction. Next, introduce the basic theory in the second chapter, considering that eco-industry is such a development mode that follows the cyclic economics in macroscopical and industrial ecology in microcosmic, in order to realize the sustainable development of industrial system. Ami then in the third chapter, according to the theory basis of eco-industrial, and the fact that ChengDu's Hi-Tech western zone has already form support industry such as biologic medicine and electronic information, analyze and investigate the two types of enterprise' production and emission. Based on the fundamental of eco-industrial, put forward eco-industrial construction layout of ChengDu's Hi-Tech western zone. In the Fourth and the last chapter, put Chengdu HuaYu and ChengDu QianFeng as examples of two types of enterprise, the eco-industry construction programs are applied to practical construction of these two corporations. And the economic gain or loss of QianFeng Electronic's eco-industry construction has been analyzed in the end.Eco-industrial construction is a complex, long and integrated project. It's tailieved that the result of this thesis will provide a certain extent guidance and promotion to our country's Hi-Tech Zone.
Keywords/Search Tags:eco-industry, ChengDu's Hi-Tech industrial development zone , cyclic economics, industrial ecology
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