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Research Into The Management Of Virtual Team Across Organization

Posted on:2005-03-08Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y YuFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125956038Subject:Business management
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Entering the information times, enterprises are faced with challenges from globalization and market competitions, which are becoming more and more intense. The fierce market environment makes it necessary for enterprises to give quicker reactions to the demands of the customers; otherwise, it will be more and more difficult for them to exist in modern market. The development of information technology and the Internet makes it possible for enterprises to react quickly to the market. The application and popularization of information technology in enterprises can make the structures of the organizations flat and networked, which will enable enterprises to get closer to the market and customers, and give reactions as soon as the market changes. That is to say, it is the pressure of the market that demands the networked organization of virtual group. The development of information at high speed makes the emergence of this form of organization possible. On this condition, virtual team comes into being.Virtual team is the product of information age, and the new tendency of the development of organizations, therefore the research into it is of great theoretical and practical significance. However, It does not exist for a long time, thus till now the research into it is at the primary stage. The researches into it in and out of China are confined to very few fields, or to a very minor part of it. Few people have done comprehensive and systematic researches into it. This dissertation is trying to relatively thoroughly discuss the management problems of this new thing, virtual team, on the basis of the former researches.First the dissertation introduces the background of its emergence, gives its definition, and analyzes its features, classifications and the challenges it encounters. Then the author looks back to the related researches into virtual team and points out their deficiencies. On the basis of the generalization of the former researches, the author is trying to give an overall discussion about management problems of virtual group from four related aspects: the management of incentive, the management of cross-culture, the management of communication and the management of trust, hoping to give some references to the management of virtual group.In the management of incentive, this dissertation first compares virtual team with the traditional entity group in three aspects: the notion of management, the role of the manager and the role of the staff. Then the dissertation puts forward the inner and outer incentive factors of virtual team. In the management of cultural differences, the authorfirst discusses the emergence of cultural differences and the characteristics of cultural conflictions, based on which the author proposes the ideas and the concrete steps of the management of cultural differences. In the management of communication, the author first analyzes the factors that can influence the communication of virtual team, and then introduces various types of communication means, and finally presents the main points for the communication of virtual team. In the management of trust, the author first analyzes the importance and difficulties for a virtual team to establish the management of trust, and then discusses the course of establishing trust in a virtual team, and finally discusses the measures to take to establish trust among the members in a virtual team.
Keywords/Search Tags:virtual team, incentive, culture difference, communication, trust
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