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High-tech Enterprise Knowledge-based Virtual Team Management Studies

Posted on:2004-03-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:F L HuangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2206360092490479Subject:Philosophy of science and technology
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Team cooperation is a kind of important existence way in modern society, and is the magic weapon which risen enterprises of Japan and western depended on. With the modern science and technology developing, it has broken and gone beyond the hedge and obstacle of the traditional society. It make interpersonal communication becoming more and more convenient, or "zero distance". Thus, there is a new form of team cooperation with modern science and technology upgrading. Not only enterprises can carry on team cooperation, and improve efficiency by organizimg inside members, but also it can set up and do well over enterprises. This long-distancegroup or crossing-over organizations' form------Virtual team, accepted by the trend ofeconomic globalization in morden society. It becomes a highly-efficient and flexible organization that many enterprises do one's utmost to set up.Just because the flat-type, opened network, knowledge organization, indistinct border, flexible to re-construct , elastic work way and management ,which virtual team differents from traditional one, make traditional management has to upgrade its content and form, in order to meet new needs . At the ground of advantages and problems of virtual team, the paper puts forward several suggestions, for example , the choice mechanisms of cooperative partner, setting up same wish scene, forming trust relationship, putting up communication bridge, cross- cultural management and building learning type organization, etc. In addition, the issue has also proposed several theories and explainings from philosophy angle. From dissipating structure theory and complication theory, it analysises new management problems of the new organization, in order to give some practical countermeasures, combined with the author's philosophy thinking.
Keywords/Search Tags:Virtual team, Flat-type organization, Studying type group cross-culture management, Complex adaptive system
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